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In a row tonight in Cleveland the last time the bus one tenth street in nineteen eighty six the franchise's longest winning streak twenty games back in nineteen seventy seventy one season where they won their only franchise championship walkie is an eleven point favorite going into tonight our coverage starts tonight at six o'clock a full slate of NBA games tonight but we already have one final this nets of beating the Celtics one twelve to one oh seven they in three Packers taking on the two and nine New York Giants you thrust for either east Rutherford New Jersey say that ten times fast the Packers defense has given up twenty six points per game the last three games and I've only forced three turnovers in their last four games with no turnovers in the two California Los is defensive coordinator Mike Patton says it comes down to one thing they throw a lot of things that yeah and they're gonna give me a lot of different looks a lot of different personnel groupings goes back our communication we got to make sure we identify what's going on out there and our players got to communicate with one another we're gonna have our hands full in all three phases apologies that was head coach Matt love for the Packers will be playing the giants team with the rookie quarterback that will had not have golden Tate or tied in M. and Evan engram the Packers are favored by six and a half right tackle Bryan Bulaga is dealing with the MCL strain here's a week to week could be a game time decision the only other people listed as questionable on the injury report quarterback Tony brown and will read men badgers getting said stick in Minnesota this weekend they'll be facing off against the golden gophers tomorrow at two thirty on ABC with a trip to the big ten title game on the line also Paul Bunyan's axe and Scott tonight in the Orlando invitational more cats gonna play U. S. C. that can be heard on our sister station ninety four five ESPN with Steve the Homer true and Tony Smith Marcus Howard forty point just absolutely big game last night very thanks we'll check back with you at three forty five we're going to continue the Packers note Packers insiders Jason will be will join us going up in three minutes to preview the match up in the Meadowlands we also spent a lot of time wishing for different things like.

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