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Shot that one right by him. And that's his third strike. Out of the game Syndergaard been two of them here's Ryan who hit a single. With two down and nobody out of the second and that was the start of the second rally in the inning for the Mets who had already had one run home and what. Ultimately ended up being a three. Run, second inning two in the runs on earned now first pitch curveball in there for a, strike to Reiner Brian heimer Is hitting Three, thirty three four hits twelve. At bats in the. Big leagues nine takes another. Curveball ball. That's low. One ball one strike Two of those runs. In the three run second. Inning were unearned for. The match As a result of an everybody Brandon Crawford now. A called strike and he got the high. Strike on the inside with that one Cutter or slider, and it's one and two bow Teesta the leadoff man is on the outfield bunched up towards center Now fastball who that was called low. He's much more liable to give the high strike than the, low strike that was also right on. The inside corner I beg your pardon on the outside corner To the right editor to and to. Pitch and the curb is low in the You mentioned the pitchers lines Syndergaard four innings pitched to runs four hits allowed with four strikeouts and one walk There's a swang messy struck him out with a high fastball For.

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