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Summer, but also not stopping Americans from hitting the road and the skies With covert cases down, many eager to enjoy an old fashioned Memorial Day weekend, ABC is Trevor Altar at New York's LaGuardia Airport. We could average as many as two million airport travelers a day this Memorial Day weekend. These travel numbers not just bouncing back from the pandemic. In some areas, they have already eclipsed what they were. For the virus. Americans feeling more comfortable about traveling as the US Daily quota virus case rate falls to its lowest point in nearly a year. 133 million Americans 40% of the total population or fully vaccinated. Overseas and accelerating vaccination rate tied to reopening plans. The United Kingdom plans to lift all covert 19 restrictions within weeks. University of Oxford Infectious Disease expert Anthony Harnden is sounding the alarm about a variant of the virus blamed for as many as three quarters of new Corona virus infections in the UK we do have unlocked Looking down on the 21st of June. We'll all ought to remain cautious. Detect me those on vaccination individuals and Vietnam now saying it's discovered a new Corona virus variant. That's a hybrid of strange for his found in India and UK after years of waiting some answers as to who killed Molly Tibbetts, the young woman who disappeared under nightly jog and Iowa and 2018, her body found In a nearby cornfield. Weeks later, ABC serene Shall verdict in the long awaited murder trial of Iowa College student Molly Tibbits. Jurors finding Cristian Behenna Rivera guilty the court concluding that Rivera was the man who killed the 20 year old after she went for a job in Brooklyn. I was three years ago, the jury foreman speaking out we went through, you know, two weeks of Just try a land. It came down to this so it It was very, very, very emotional. At that point, Seeing at the end, all the jurors were able to come up with the same verdict..

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