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The heroes are not in fact dead and just kind push through a mountain. I guess make it to safety as everyone else rests spiderman decides the lesson. Here's to do things. So low style and heads towards new matt vary alone at the same time horrible gargoyles creatures begin attacking i ben grimm at the castle and then the other heroes spiderman arrived to help the thing and realizes that the creatures are coming from doctor doom. His nightmares are made flesh by his new powers. Sh so they finally break out of the fucking mountain. That was dropped on them. But they don't bother to animate anything other than the outside of the fucking rock which just like the talking. We'd better get out of this one. Or whatever i'll cut. It is a six seconds still frame of the mountain which is actually just the shot. They used a minute ago. It's the same one of doctor doom looking at this thing. So they just copied and pasted one frame from that animation and then they shook it for a few seconds and then had spiderman yell shit over it. I can't keep this mountain collapsing honest forever. We have to make one great effort ball at once quickly. Everyone it sells a easy. Meanwhile in the actual comic there are maybe three pages of panels of them underneath the fuck and rubble with the hulks wedding. To hold up this fucking mountainous have been dropped on them. There's and there's tension what the fuck but here. It's just like an regard to the good of at least had sue storm like be like. Oh this is the limit of my abilities or something and make sure they don't even say they survived. They don't. It's basically just mountain labor because spiderman yells push and the mountain mountains birth canal bursts open and then a whole litter of superheroes runs out like okay. It's not great something pour out of this thing and the lizards all fucked up looking and it kind of set me. This whole little sequence sent me into a jigsaw. Jameson spiral jake son. Jameson as back. It's an absolutely bizarre. Shot spiderman lizard. Have a little back and forth here. If you listened to it you can tell that this is not right duck. Can you make it this spider visually. They just hold on a static shot of spiderman standing over the lizard. Like the lose mouth. Doesn't move at all and i think they must have wanted him to say something else and then they changed it because i'm pretty sure they took spiderman saying. Can you make it from the previous episode. When he asked iron man if he can handle going up the cliff rebel forces. Have the monkey pied out front weasel in the iron man. Can you make it up. The cliff know spiderman. I've given him enough power to climb five canada for full flight. You and i may have to help him. And then one of the other many uses them saying just dock and the lizard responds injustice a stilted manner and he says like spiderman and. I think it's throwing the same clip from gauntlet episode. So like why did they change this. And the only reason i can think of is because they fucked up and they forgot to put the lizard in the rest of this episode because this is the last thing he ever says like we never these show a couple of still shots but he just gone anti looking just awful. Just awful pucci is here to go back to. His home died on the to basically. It's it makes no sense think. They forgot him spiderman. Decides to go to a new lead. Varia and web's there would see webbing on the fucking boulders that are sitting on the fucking peaks of this these rock formations that we established. He couldn't before the tackle might fall off. He also he also states. His purpose is to draw out the beyond her from inside of dodger. Doom and like and he doesn't do that but i'm kind of hoping that and that meant he was gonna show up the castle dresses like a sexy madame web. Does this jug your memory big boy. No i actually those well take one for the teams -body this is what heroes do. Because that's what he rose to the introduction of these fucking gargoyles things is also just as abrupt. They just sort of wander into frame with no explanation. What these rejects from the wizard of oz. Nice nice like the fucking inbred dozens of the gargoyles. The and the flying monkeys had a baby. It's these things and like you know. What i it's better than robots if they have to fight mindless there is actually going to be a fight in this episode. I would have rather than thought these mindless monsters than robots again. Because you need minions and this works but then there's like no actual fight so and before before it actually gets revealed. I call that. I'm just like let me guess he's creatures from dooms dreams and then and and then gets revealed that this right does predictable. I didn't think it was like a bad idea though to make him vulnerable while. You're sleeping like this like because it ties into this idea that you can handle this crazy power because you're still human. You still have human bonnie you still sleep and all that sorta stuff so you still have the human weaknesses and your vulnerable to those things. It's not a bad idea. Yeah it just doesn't go anywhere. I mean is being downfall. But we'll see that in the next scene and we will because spiderman swoops in here and boots doctor doom awake but doom still can't control the creatures his subconscious has created instead he lashes out at spiderman crushing against a wall and then the thing smashing him into his throne the other heroes except for the lizard for some reason arrived to assist but they're no match for doom. However ben grimm catches the villain monologue and manages to blast him with the elemental splitter releasing the beyond her who immediately blows the play dead and awards the w to the goodguys boom called it. That was a great kick by spiderman. I mean it's a good kick but it's a bad idea like he was asleep just grabbed the gun. Yeah i've ben could have been like spied gut the gun more benz not that smart so firmly established that i guess it's fair. It was out of his. I shot so we had no object permanence. Like he thinks.

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