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Once again live from the Chevrolet display. Here's frank. Well, let's spend some time talking about a luxury brand that has sort of changed its trademark, you know, there was one time when you thought of Cadillac, and you thought about the the rather large bodied luxury cars that just grabbed your eye, and and you knew that that Cadillac was something special. But as time has moved on times have changed and Cadillac is now becoming known for it tests Huby brand. In fact, it's number one summer right now is a mid size crossover. The x t five there's the iconic Escalade as SUV and this year Cadillac has introduced a new option for customers in that same genre. And that is the x t six John Parker is the global vehicle. Chief engineer chief engineer for the x t six and very proud of what Cadillac has produced under his guidance and on the other end of our line, John good morning, and congratulations on all the the great review. Huge. You're getting for the product here. It's just amazing. Good morning, Frank. It's great to be here this morning. And and yes, we're very excited to bring this XT6. out here. I I'm proud to represent a team here in mostly in southeast. Michigan. That's created this great product. And the reactions have been very positive from the customers that we've talked to from the dealers that we've talked to work cited to get this vehicle out there on the road here later this summer. So you've got the x t for you got the x t five which is selling like gangbusters Buster's, the the iconic Escalade SUV, how did you come up with the idea to fit in the the XT6. and who is it aimed at? Well, I think the XT6. really fits nicely in the portfolio when you look at the gap that we have between the x t five as you mentioned mentioned, it's our global bestselling vehicle for Cadillac, and and the gap between that and the iconic Escalade is was was rarely quite substantial. And it's a growing market. It's three row crossover segment. What we see a lot of active families that need the additional space. You know, whether it's for additional people or or additional cargo, and they're looking for something that may not have the same extreme kicked abilities and presents that you get out of the Escalade, but but still very functional. So so what we're looking for here. What the customers are looking for is a multi purpose vehicle that does everything. Well, it needs to handle. Well, it needs to be maneuverable. It needs a luxurious and spacious interior, and it needs to be filled with all of the the latest technology safety technology driver, awareness technology. So that's what we've crafted here with the XT6., and and it fits in really, well with portfolio and really just filled out that crossover segment as you look at the vehicle, you would think the three rows of seats. It's gonna be a monster platform. Right. But it's not how did you do it? Well, so we focused on efficient packaging the vehicle. We kept the wheelbase on the on on the shorter side intentionally to maintain the maneuverability and the agility of a slightly smaller cross. Over, but we work very closely with our design team here in Warren to to develop a vehicle that's still had the presence in scale of of of a slightly smaller Escalade, but but had the packaging space in the inside. Really if you get into the the third row is spacious and can accommodate a full of full size adult comfortably and we've just made sure that we focused on the customer needs in the segment, which is really making sure that you can spend quality time in your vehicle, and that there are no compromises that vehicle handles. Well, that that that the seating is comfortable, and the the luxury appointments are all there. So really a no compromise vehicle. That's built around built around active families. Is that how you view it as your as you're producing the car in developing it, this is what we're aiming for. We're we're looking at a family of six or you know, pick your number. But is that how it's done you. You you imagine who the customer is. And then try to build the vehicle around that. Absolutely. That's that's the starting point of ever gate. Great vehicle is understanding exactly what your customer's looking for. And generally when you keep that focus, then the the vehicle has ended up having a much broader appeal what we've seen this segment is that customers made by this type of vehicle at three row SUV or crossover when their their family is younger, and they find that. It's it's so useful that over time that they just continue coming back to that segment because it meets their meets the lifestyle needs modern day mini van, isn't it? I I wouldn't make that comparison exactly. I know I don't mean to compare a Cadillac to a mini bad. Don't get me wrong here talking about in terms of usefulness. It's we tried. We tried to make sure we couple that utility with the great driving experience. And that's at at the end of the day. What what we want every Cadillac to convey is just this this capability. And this this attitude on the road that it's really built to be driven. And we want customers to enjoy that driving experience. That's an awesome looking car. If you would inclosing take me through the process of of convincing the the brass that Cadillac and GM that this is the way to go to develop a new car because it's not inexpensive to develop a brand new platform has. No, it's absolutely not. And and so I think this is just part of a broader strategy here too. To to grow Cadillac business two thousand eighteen with Cadillac's best year in history in terms of global sales. And so what we what we look at. Here is our ability to leverage other products in the portfolio fill in any gaps and provide full coverage for the market. This is a key growing segment. It's profitable segment, and and really this was just a responding to customer feedback and dealer feedback on on the types of vehicles that they're that they're looking for today. There you go to be times change it used to be. We we waited for the new Cadillac DeVille to come out. And and now we look for the for the new SUV's and crossovers like the the one that's been introduced the XT6. that is just turning heads at the auto show. John congratulations on that. And here entire team for coming up with the new XT6.. I think it's going to be a big hit. Thanks, frank. I appreciate that in. We look forward to getting it out there this summer. Beautiful John Ponca, the global vehicle chief engineer.

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