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What's going on fellow sports fans in Sandy West and I'm here to take you on a journey back to this week in sports history will start out in 19. Oh, two were the Baltimore Orioles had to forfeit to ST Louis. Having only five players available to play the Orioles second season in Baltimore would be their last for a while, as the team was moved to New York after the season, where they became known as the New York Highlanders this week in 19. 14 Giants outfielder read. Murray is knocked unconscious by lightning after catching a fly ball ending 21 inning game. The Giants won 3 to 1 sticking with baseball this week in 1941, New York Yankee Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hitting streak and in Cleveland. DiMaggio's streak will probably never be broken, born this week in 1968, Barry Sanders and FL running back for the Detroit Lions 1988 Heisman Trophy winner. Get into the pro Football Hall of Fame in 2000 and four this week in 1994, the men's FIFA World Cup final ends in a 00 tie, But Brazil beat Italy 32 on penalty kicks at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, and this week in 2010. Brian McCann's three run double in the seventh inning provided the National League all the offense it needed to capture its first Midsummer Classic since 1996 with a 3 to 1 victory, and that's just some of what happened this week. In sports history. The weekend sports Time capsule on I Heart radio. I heart radio goes one on one with Luke Bryan talked about how he really grew into loving music. My ninth and 10th grade year I played baseball and I was a pretty good athlete. But I hit my growth spurt and I grew like weirdly and I lost all my coordination. I couldn't run and I had, like my knees were all buggered up so So then, you know, I kind of started my band and my my. What's interesting is my 12th grade year of high school. I just decided to rehearse for a one act play. And that was my only year that I truly Truly got involved with drama. But I'm actually glad that happen because it did kind of it took me off the path of not being that and actually likes it started.

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