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Became nationalized right. It became less about the candidates worked for the district and more about the republicans ability to demonize frame. The election is a choice between Congressional democrats particularly use us. You see that with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and then Aoc in the squad. And so that's one certainly and it's it's a district that is Oil and gas is a is a big deal down there and so when you can demonize the candidate As supporting the green new deal even though she didn't It makes up for a real steep climb. I will note that she socially her first time around ran on a very strong. Defend your public lands platform. And from what i could tell that messaging fell off this time around certainly didn't see quite as much i mean. She's been a strong defender of a great national monument there organ mountains desert peaks and that means a lot to the local community. There so again to curtis's point. I think we have a lot of learning to do and going through the results but Certainly an interesting result. All right let's head over to arizona which is suddenly looking a whole lot more like new mexico and colorado politically then. It was even for years ago Mark kelly made a big deal during his campaign about protecting the grand canyon from uranium mining. He campaigned hard on the need to address climate change. That obviously was a big contrast from martha mcsally who Now has the honor of being a senator to have lost twice while she keeps getting kepting pointed to this position Jenn what's the lesson out of arizona right now and do this a permanent political in in the state aired. It certainly seems like it. And i am just stunned. That martha sally Blue this opportunity. I mean here. Two years ago she was appointed to fill the seat of of legendary senator. John mccain and i think she really blew an opportunity To be a champion for public lands to to really focus on the fact that voters in arizona don't want uranium mining around the grand canyon. They wanna protect the grand canyon from uranium mining and You know she really missed the mark when it came to Tapping into the we're voters are on public lands on conservation of climate change. It certainly seems to me that this could be shift in arizona. I think we've talked about the population. Senator centers like phoenix maricopa county turning bluer and then Yet a large You vote out of the native american population in arizona in that vote from what we can tell was exceptionally lopsided. I'm looking around for comparisons haven't found any previous elections. But there's a piece in high country news. This week noting that there were some some navajo precincts went ninety ten for biden some to hana autumn precincts near the border that went ninety. Eight percent biden Jesse it seems like this is a pretty strong repudiation of the trump administration's approach to indian country. It it certainly is in. You're right the turnout was exceptional. Another really interesting article to read it in the washington post about horseback rides to the polls on the nomination so just exceptional effort to get out. You know this administration headed pretty egregious. Track record rolling back bears national monument a pretty awful response to the coronavirus when it comes to tribes and obviously when it comes to the nation in blasting through their sacred homelands for a border wall. So yeah yeah. It's a clear stark result. All right so. How does all of this play out next january. What s each of you. What do you hope. President elect biden takes on i in the west with the knowledge that obviously his plate is full and the covid epidemic is only going to get worse over the next ten weeks. I'll agenda i there i think certainly Symbolically and this is beyond symbolic but You know i would really like to see The biden harris administration restore the boundaries of bears ears in grand staircase galante national monument and lay the groundwork for his plan to protect three percent of lands and waters by twenty thirty. Curtis i think Really undoing All of the executive orders that the trump administration has done In a assault on our public lands and waters desi. Well kinda cheat here and give you two things one. I am really excited about the opportunity to make our public lands part of the climate solution instead of part of the trial in right now about a quarter of our greenhouse gas emissions come from fossil fuels taken from lands. And so as part of that. I think a really interesting Path forward would be to reform the bureau of land management. I mean this is agency that manages a tenth of the country And historically has been you know the bureau of livestock and mining. And i think we have a chance. The administration has a chance to Have a ford thinking view of how. How should we manage. These vast stretches of public lands for all americans and for our future. I'm gonna put you on the spot for more specifics there. What does a shift in priorities at look like and can that be done at the agency level or does congress have to step in sure so right now the the assumption is from these top political appointees in the land. Managers that If you got public land out there it's available for drilling and mining and that's easy. I think we need to put more priority on conservation. Really talk to folks in local communities about what they wanna see for the coming generations and not necessarily have a default position that are public lands are for drilling and mining. We're not gonna do the final balance of power in the senate until january. Thanks to those two runoffs in georgia regardless of what happens there it's going to be closely divided. Gendi think congress can get anything done it lands or will the next two years. Now be all about rulemakings in executives.

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