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Was actually found in her vehicle outside the cop said, she had bloodshot eyes and smelled of booze. And then she got belligerent and didn't do as she was told. Can I read to you just a quick version of this from the the Palm Beach post? I believe it is okay. Rated PG dirty dancing is a film from nineteen eighty-seven storing the late Patrick Swayze and Jennifer gray. It set in the summer of nineteen sixty three as Gray's character. Baby falls in love with Johnny castle a dance instructor played by Swayze in one of the surprise hits from that era who wrote that the movie features significant amounts of dancing. You know, what else is funny about this story out of the palm? They never reference what seen in dirty dancing. Only one. See anybody does for dirty dancing. Right. You read that like the movie phone guy? Totally. It was like nine hundred ninety two in all over again, dirty dancing. Thirteen and thank you for calling movie phone at two ten four twenty seven ten nine twenty eleven forty five. On you could die for the movie theater that I used to work. I would require that was my best gosh. Now that you that was my first real foray into broadcasting broadcasting. They say it's like riding a bike single recordings. Swamp watch when we come back. Monica Rix, says the latest fire has damaged an old church in the university park area.

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