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I've never encountered that well sue these interesting. And I actually the Kardashian parallel is pretty striking because red zone will. Yeah. If you want to Colorado, that's what Andy Radzi call Carol. So go for it. So Radzi is a pretty unique figure for her era his shoes just famous for being famous famous for knowing other people and for marrying for that's not unique. There was a whole socialite starlet era sixties and going back for a long time of people being famous for who they married, and what's social causes? They gave to and what they wore. And how rich they were. But she really turned it into a new industry. She was reality star before her time in many ways. Yes. And then gave birth to someone who Anthony Anthony. Yes, he married, Carol. Yeah. And he he passed away of cancer testicular cancer while ago, it's well before the housewives seem like a great guy base. Carol talked about him. Well, he was during list like her. Okay. I think they met at ABC news didn't know that. She was a journalist. She's that's that's one of her stated reasons for leaving the show slash being kicked off is she's pursued turning to journalism. I I'm I'm very rough season with Carolina season. But I'm pro okay. What is your favorite burn from this obituary? Gosh. This is in the fourth paragraph. She made several attempts for professional recognition, but Chievo only pale reflections of the spotlight on her sister. Very very harsh accurate. It's true. Because if your sister is Jackie freaking own asses. Then you're not going to be the most famous person. And but it's not exactly a sympathetic. Go. Telling of what it's like to grow up in the spotlight of one of the most famous women in the world, which is I suppose, that's what we we expect empathy and a an burnishing of an image from an obituary, this is just kind of social commentary. Yeah. And also really rude about them like her professional endeavors once she was famous and tried to be something more. She became an actress and fair people at the time were not very, no. But and this is what it says, she was in a remake of lore of Laura auto premature film, and to quote, this the reviews were not kind. That's. Just the lead of paragraph, and then it quotes is sending clothes horse upon whom. No discernible sesame demands were made. She is just not an actress. I mean, it's very tough. And like even if that is true must be remembered that way, I don't know did that have to make it in obituaries or not like always so factual. They're like capturing every moment, it's sort of like, this seems like it went out of its way to capture the the many ways in which she she didn't live up to some kind of Jackie Kennedy standard, though. That's honest. Yes. It is true. That's kinda what else are you supposed to say about someone other than she was just kinda trailed in the spotlight, and we're not sure it seems like she definitely slept with our asylum and assets before her sister's married him. But we can't be sure about that. And then in some other people super jam session core. Yeah. Jackie Kennedy in Aristotle's Onassis Ari got together on his yacht. Elia in the in the GNC off. Of greece. Yeah. So like, we would have been all over that. If we were in our thirties in the nineteen sixties, which I would have loved for the record. Although I don't based on reading this. I don't wanna live through a presidential assassination seems really tough for everyone involved..

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