Senate Intel Committee, Hillary Clinton, Peter discussed on Mornings On the Mall with Brian Wilson


Senate intel committee behind closed doors so you can expect you can hear that meanwhile what about his wife oh yes she works for fusion gps this the company that came up with the trump dossier the company that was paid by hillary clinton to come up with the trump dossier she worked last year during the campaign for fusion gps that seems like something worth investigating what about peter struck what about this fbi official who is at the centre of every investigation sat with hillary clinton for her interviews for when the when she sat down with the fbi i say interviews that interview for her july two thousand sixteen interview with the fbi the one that wasn't under oath the one there are she was basically able to explain away that you know was just rigorous that made it says she was using a secret server and senate classified information so he peter struck who by the way exchanges ten thousand text messages with his mistress who also works for the fbi and in them conveys how much she he doesn't like people like bernie sanders and donald trump and how much he likes hillary and how much he wants to have at quote uninsured its policy against president trump that they discussed in andy's office whose andy i guess we'll find out to sea that's andy mccabe maybe i guess we'll find out this week hopefully but these are all real questions this basically that that that the justice department and the fbi has these vulnerabilities that are causing the public to question this is the sincerity with which they are pursuing justice and the idea that these these can just be glossed over as a as a key quote campaign to discredit the muller investigation is insanity how 'bout give this affair reading how 'bout ask questions and stead of just casting aside is nonsense which is what's happening this weekend in the press this way it gives them cover because it is what let's face it this this investigation is not going the way that they had hoped and wished in in wanted it to go we still don't have is any any anything about russian collusion with the trump campaign zip zero zilt nada nothing nothing so we're just going to look for something as they have to.

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