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From the rich eisen show studio in Los Angeles. We don't get, we don't get to fly in and check it out. Earlier on the show. NFL on Fox analyst Mark Sanchez. Senior writer for Sports Illustrated, Chris mannix. Coming up from the showtime drama, your honor. Actor Brian Cranston and now it's rich eisen. What a fun show we've had so far and Brian Cranston's making his way to the rich eyes and show studio right now here on the Roku channel. It'll be a lot of fun to talk with him. We've got a great celebrity true or false all lined up all good in this hood, great chats with Mark Sanchez and our number one and then Chris mannix an hour number two and then with you at 8 four four two O four rich, the number to dial here on this program here live on the Roku channel, which is free, by the way. From every single Roku device, all Amazon, fire TV, select Samsung, smart TVs. Does that mean some sense on TV's R and a smart? The audacity. Correct. Okay. Older models understood? And rich, you said Roku up to 70 million? 70 million unique users? I need to make sure I got these words right. It could be 71. I'm just a cave, man. We're live here on the Roku app. The Roku channel is on the Roku app. The Roku channel dot com is the website. If you want to if you want to check us out on the Internet, 8 four four two O four rich note on. Story I think of every single time I say the word website, you don't. That's a rhetorical question. Man, I could go see. Here's a great story. It's a great story. I'm just telling stories. I got time to tell stories. You know what I mean? And so this is way back in the day when I was a young boy in Staten Island. No, no, no, no. I was like year three year four of being on SportsCenter. Okay. And 2000. It was actually the Super Bowl in Tampa between the ravens and the Giants. Ravens. Okay. Got it. That one. The one with the ravens kind of had their day. Not a good one. Not a good one for the Gmail. But anyway. I'm at a charity golf tournament, okay? And we go on, we go on a bus to go to the golf course, and I'm on the bus with all the other celebrities. Name job, who we got. It's the one where Brooks Robinson was there. You know that story, right? I like that story. Okay. Should I tell both right now? It's a part of it. Brooks brothers. Brooks Robinson. I don't know about you. How about you guys? When I'm fortunate enough to be on vacation, what's that? I like hotels that go up. Yes. I like facilities and places resorts that go up as opposed to you don't like the problem. I don't like going out. Oh, I see what you're doing. When I check in. I like to say, where's my room? There's the elevator. It goes up. High four. I don't like out. I don't like, well, you got to take this thing and then suddenly, I feel like on a saddle, I feel, I need to be close to the lobby. That's all. I don't know what it is. If you're taking a cart somewhere, that seems like you on a resort. I know that. That seems good. I know it sounds weird. I don't like going out. I'm like, going up. You want to be self contained and here's the reason why. I go out. It's one of those Florida is in Orlando, it's going out. You're going out. And it was like a half mile from the lobby, and it's time to be picked up to go to the golf course for the charity tournament. And they tell us the night before at this charity, hey, pick up time is 6 30 in the morning. And I'm like, what time is the shotgun start to say 10 a.m.? And I'm like, what? Are you talking about? Because I'm already overserved. I would have had a different approach to the evening. Sure. Now you tell me, a little late, horse is way out of the barn. Yeah. Okay? A couple glasses of red in it. I mean, not back then. And not back then. I wasn't so refined. He's a caveman. I might have not learned the phrase of what beer and liquor makes you. Pretty Susie. PS. I'm not happy. Okay. I gotta wake up. Wake up. I wake up and I am hungover and the boss to take us to take me to the lobby for the charity tournament that told me it was coming wasn't there yet. Now I'm up, I'm late and I am far away from the lobby. You know, if I was in an elevator, just go downstairs and go, it's time. I have to now, because I went out, I don't like going out. Are we going up? Up and down. So I'm going out. So I call the lobby. From my flip phone, I called, you know, I put the antenna up on my flip phone. And I called a lobby. Don't try to text on that. And I'm like, is there anybody there from the charity golf tournament? And the person at the front desk goes, is there anybody here from the section and such tournament someone goes, I am, get to the phone line, and I'm like, okay, be calm. Calm, relax. I'm like, hey, I'm waiting outside of cabin, whatever. Room, whatever, the bus is supposed to be here. Do you know where the bus is? And they go, it goes, what bus? I'm like, oh gosh. What bust? The bus that I was told that would be here at 6 30, even though the shotgun start is ten,

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