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Well i've been robert evans. This has been the high end the bastards if you wanna read a book that doesn't involve mass rape by the catholic church. Although does involve christian extremists. Say you can t lon my novel. After the revolution it's available online at. At are talk dot com. And it's also available wherever podcasts found if you just look up at the revolution so you can find the text online with both in browser version and there's in a free pub no ads or anything you can just get it for free. Read it on your ear. And there's a podcast with sound effects and shit That's after the revolution. So check it out. Everyone and I know Tariff a picture of the pope on saturday night. Live if you get the chance. If you're on saturday live innate o'connor based o'connor all right hey everybody. Initially i was going to the go fund me for the sequel to my book after the revolution which you can find at eighty our book dot com but here in the pacific northwest having an unprecedented heatwave. And it's causing disastrous conditions life threatening conditions for a lot of people a lot of people without air conditioning particularly in the city of salem activists everywhere have been kind of gathering to try and mitigate setup cooling stations and cold drinks do things to help people get their temperature down. I want to try and raise funds for the free fridge of salem which are doing cooling stations in the capital of oregon Salem so if you go to at free fridge salem. That's mo- at free fridge salem. And send them a couple of bucks. They could really use it. Local government has destroyed a number like police particularly have destroyed a number of water in cooling stations. They've set out. It's you know we're not going to be in triple digit heat for the next couple of days after. I'm recording this on monday. But it's still going to be very hot. People still need this. So please then mo at free fridge salem. If you have the wherewithal in the financial resources to do so one. More time than mo is at free fridge salem. Thanks heather friends. i'm eli. I'm diana about our podcast ridiculous romance. We are a real life. Married couple telling stories of relationships past present and maybe even future couples throttles side. Pieces trysts everything. From ancient rulers to celebrity cannibals plus aliens robots holograms killer couples power couples and more. What you get is a podcast. That's part history. Part comedy all ridiculous you will learn and laugh grow and show with ridiculous romance production of iheartradio finals on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your favorite shows while we all desperately ached for escapism brigitta bridgeton the shunned land smash on net flicks came streaming along. Now we wait for season two. But in the meantime you can hear how this show came to life with the cast the production team and the creators of richardson. Listen to brigitta on the official podcast on the iheartradio app apple podcasts or anywhere you get your favorite shows..

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