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Night. I am bill like some people come back to the number one after a year. Or two of the but man or you're covering data vigil but again another crossover special this time with as for talking fans daredevil king of the no this isn't the soprano's prequel trillion life. Think isn't that his son like his real son. Yeah but they make sure they tell you that yes. Sopranos soprano james sanofi's courts batman. Pack true ray in robot can hear this daredevil. Ray might hear it. I dunno case. Were here all right. So i don't have a big synopsis for this but don't like a quick little plot but yes this was published same publication date december ninety nine. Then it's like Published by dc comics. Two thousand written by alan grant with our own artist is snow. it's eduardo burrito the. I know it's been a car for remain calm new and this is a sequel to the one. We will get to next daredevil batman eye for an eye but yes we had the wait for that one because we have a friend. Who's going to discuss that with us in cash right. I was gonna say that. That's our monthly tai chi chester chat. So yes when we get to their level fighting sort of we get to the daredevils batman one. Yes you'll get to actually speak to the writer. Severe any questions. About how these crossovers go down email us capes lunatics such dot com. This is b.j. Chester and you're listening to the capes and lunatics podcasts. And if you see this on youtube yes mr chichester. We'll be appearing was july thirty first and august. I yield off connecticut. I'm panish had written down by hamilton. Stay awake revealed a bumbling out there you know what else game by sending me orrin hatch. Twitter's know how many times you heard kids. Oh we're at alabama. Isn't it as a terrific on. I'm bringing it up. But i believe it's terrific. Yes terrific on. July thirty first and august i the mohegan sun bury a man. There's a big list guest for this. Yeah we've been stuck in the house razor one back we by no. He said he's actors. I know he said who he will be across from leaks upbringing your chester weeks. They're devils to get sun. Kids dr connecticut yeah altruism close right. I looked actually looked it up. It'll be like ten hour drive for me whenever regards now. You wrote daredevil right. we're doing now. There's jason it's certainly hit us. I'm listening not talking your me. Oh my easter egg reference. Okay so this story again. I just quick plots analysis in the story there will batman must work together to defeat roz outgoing again with the roth. Outgoing kingpin wral the late night. You can lose time role in decided to make razzano you know the are antagonists in the. I know that the reason they were pushing wasn't the batman spiderman. Also alan grant so it. Alan grand the acting thousand. Hey you guys have had work. Ross warned because he's bar thing right now. These fit walkers it's daredevil they all think missouri. Although you have to be impressed. I mean both alan grant. Digi chester both Kinda resist the temptation. The polls i neither of these stories have so our. Definitely the team of your. Oh yeah we've got another crossover for your chest. I talking back that we weren't for. I saw the radio before but we need our own morning. Talk show jealousy. Rear will see what that was to last night. Charlie's the al roker..

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