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Good morning Beth Fisher. Good morning. Everyone center. Jonathan uber. Does goal in the shootout round gives the Florida Panthers. Afford a three win over the Red Wings last night at Little Caesars arena after the game forward. Topper Tuesday admitted losing that game one where the wings actually led three nothing after the first period a pretty frustrating outcome for him. Yeah. I mean, we know that we can win a lot of these games. And it's frustrating. Shootout or lose a game. You know, we know we have the personnel in here to go far and win a lot of games and. You know, we bounced back after the tough start to the season and you to put a string together here that lost the fifth in a row and ninth in the last ten games for the Red Wings pistons resume a week long road trip tonight is there in Milwaukee for game against the bucks the bucks, by the way the team with the best record currently in the NBA Eastern Conference that game tips off at eight Mark champion. Rick Mahorn will have the call ninety seven one the ticket. Black Monday lived up to its reputation in the NFL yesterday as four head coaches were fired by their respective teams. The four Arizona firing Steve Wilks Miami fires. Former lions assistant, Adam gates. Denver fires. Vance Joseph Cincinnati fired Marvin Lewis ending his sixteen year run as the Bengals head coach that now brings to eight the number of coaching openings in the NFL last year only seven teams, including the lions would fire their head coaches. Michigan state ends up. Disappointing two thousand eighteen season. In college football with a seven six loss to Oregon yesterday at the red box bowl in Santa Clara, California. In his final game is a member of the Spartans running back. LJ Scott had eighty four yards on twenty four carries to lead. Michigan state's offense of attack. Other finals from college football on Monday, northwestern defeats Utah thirty one twenty in the holiday bowl at the gator bowl, Texas, AM, crushes North Carolina State, fifty two thirteen Oklahoma state knocks off Missouri. Thirty eight thirty three in the liberty bowl at the military bowl. Cincinnati marches past Virginia Tech thirty five thirty one Stanford defeats Pittsburgh fourteen to thirteen in the sun bowl with sports at fifteen and forty five past the hour. I'm telling you, it's W w j NewsRadio nine fifty WWE news time, six forty seven, traffic.

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