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It's a long season seasonally. There's a lot of competitive teams meet on. How about some quick hits instead. Let's go gab. Spurs me bryden. And guess what they're up the second in the table jewels marinas proving. Some doubters wrong. Are you impressed impressed. I'm not sure that's the word. But certainly i remember after the restart writing a peaceful. You spend website saying that they would fumble programmatic. you could see was trying to do especially with canaan sunday doing that and find a way of winning against brighton where they didn't really play well create much either and yet they still won. Thanks to gareth beds so even dies coming into place so near the welsh guy. We'll get some of course liverpool likely hero instead and shakira to overcome west to one. Gabby stuff going. But on top yeah. They're on top they. I think it's four games in a row now where we've had these. What your clock calls dirty wings yet. It was difficult because last hand defended. Well defended numbers was time without my antonio and liverpool eventually finding a way through. I like i like it. When guys like security forgotten man gets in their team combined very well with yoga shot to set up that goal. Are there concerns. Yes there's defensive concerns. i like the not phillips idea. He can't play in the champions east not even registered for that. But look if you can their top of the table right so hunker down. Wait for better times. You're still looking down upon everybody else. I agree real. Madrid's record signing hazard scores his first goal in more than a year as they beat west four one which incidentally is also his second goal ever for madrid. Joe's i know it's a venga risk cliche to say that he's like a new signing but kind of is right. It is completely i mean. Let's see how fifty stays and for how long but he looked shop. He's understanding with benzene. Martha was very good again. The link the link play together with great aunt. This is so good for ron madrid. I think vanessa's hot. Some talent would go some time. It's not the same then when he's there and if they can keep him fit with the kind of attitude level motivation everything you want. He was going to be aggressive for that team. There's no doubt and you play an extra midfielder and play frontier with bensimon. Which i think is a pretty big as well. It's probably the is one. Boston are drop points again. This time held by eleven one one after honda's blender by nitto in goal at least my school though. Yeah everybody show negative. Because i think what is like two points out of twelve in their last last four league games you know what the hell football works rate. You can blame bartolomeo and the hangover for this but the reality sandwiched in between was very impressive. Win against juventus. I thought barcelona actually played really well in this game. The second half the second half they created a ton of chances they took a ton of shots. It was a big screw up from from nato and i think it was. It was long lay. Who gave him the ball. I know he became sign now because we don't want to pick on european saint judge playing the french but there are little baby steps of of progress. Here we are. We've praised kumon marine on the same show. I know but why did ca change boost. Punish started against juventus. We see how good that was. And then you put on the bench three days later. Why and then you bring him on a half time and oh it's the half day you hud's see you still can't help yourself. You gotta hate on ronald cristiano recovers from cova comes off the bench and scored twice as you've anticipates four one and what the scores are as a rule outside. Hey to us. They needed cristiano. Yeah because they wind up paying well until he came on at one. One is three minutes later. you can. You could see that something change when he when he when he got on anyway when you come on when he came on so then he'd him. It was four games without him to in the league to the champions league against boss now without him it was. Yeah i thought he's. He's entrance was brilliant. Rob yours welcoming on made a big difference and maradas. You said already. Is lincoln play with with christiana on christian who first goal for example. Who is brilliant. Easier to link up with jonah than with people who was careful but i was born incredible. No coup for inter and they held to by palmer and my bush avinu. Who's called a wonderful. I mean to goes but the first one especially. He's bruin gabby into convenient via no assigning a penalty. Not malays cornhole day right. It's always the same. Yeah i kind of like all of a sudden lukaku not industrial created enough chances to win this be clear they should have had the nba by the way a small credit referees like the factors greater is. He's come out and said yeah. The referee by the way. It shouldn't have even been on the pitch but it's like. The referee was assigned to the game. Got himself injured. And so this guy. You came on steps on the page. Whatever screws it up. The artisan intervene. Who knows will happen there. And he says comes out and he says inserts meeting mistakes. We don't have this this blue wall of silence that we sometimes have this talk about freezing and still having other countries by the way issue is inter is lukaku is not there they lose all the patterns of play it all comes down to individuals. There was no alexa sound. Either lukasz out how about you. Play the guy who is most likely. Kaku play ping amman. He's a kid. He's a youngster. If you can't get into games like these windows this guy gets that he came on as a sub more work to do for as ever beat our media and to kneel by the way we tom. Hamilton and stefan. I felt great feature on repeal fell to the town that does not exist and with no erling haaland. It's up to almost a score goals. Chose we hope holes in holland holland are back for classic or next saturday but how'd look otherwise. Hopefully that would be by the should be back again. And i mean they won't. They created enough chances to win by more. I thought it was a bit labored. I think that's the right word is now you know is now. We know that. And we've mentioned before is listening to what we're saying but by the way the highlight with the outside of his right foot pass from her. Moore's cross for sanchez header was just sublime. And let's hope that they have all the price back to give to give appropriate contest to next week hence he flicks by talking about by said by two one winner was labored dominant got considering he didn't start. Live on dusty komen racecar lucas mondays and whoever reds maybe that's understandable right yeah phones davies in well your boy zsa playing back right back to right around halloween. Eric shoop ammonia. I'll tell you what the that those guys played rocca came on a as well basically all these new douglas cost of came on all the new guys that they said that they needed to sign. They'll came on. They played they are buying still got the win. They ate up minutes. I think this is going to pay dividends down the data there. I got absolutely no problem with any of this. Manchester city sheffield united one. Nil chose for the first time in the pep guardiola era. Dave scored no more than one goal in their last four league games. Pep himself has nine. Goals from six. Games isn't enough. Is it all down to the fact that gabrielle shoes out. It's not. I would like to say days but it's not i mean. Farrell is really good young player but as it works against marseille. It doesn't work all the time you know and and as you think it's the lack of food did that. We mentioned before the lack of creativity..

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