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Open champion Justin rose committed yesterday to playing the twenty twenty tournament that's coming up in late January at the Torrey pines golf course I'm Erik rule AM seven sixty KFMB talk and breaking news CBS news update there are no indications of survivors that's the latest from the core why fire department in Hawaii a helicopter that was on a tour of some of the most rugged and remote coastlines in Hawaii crashed at the top of a mountain on kawaii seven people were on board including the pilot the remains of six have been found CBS news correspondent Danya Bacchus the Coast Guard says the pilot radioed the helicopter's position forty five minutes before was due to land about forty five minutes after the aircraft was due back in the evening the door company reported it missing it was all along the prescribed route that all of the tour helicopters normally fly the tours are popular for the birds eye view of some of the most lush and steep parts of the island the company that ran the torso far helicopters had operated for more than thirty years with the clean safety record the search was suspended because of bad weather it's expected to resume Saturday morning CBS news update I'm but Michigan seven sixteen KFMB may not available in North Dakota dish HD TV from the comfort of your cap find out more at this for my truck dot com call eight three three truck TV eight three three eight seven eight twenty five eighty eight progressive commercial we know truckers are always on a tight schedule and can't afford downtime like Bobby who likes to keep things moving take my coffee black is cream is just a big old time so with smart hold we don't waste time either just share your email the data with us and you could save an average of thirteen hundred eighty four dollars without ever slowing down I like to think of myself as my own personal pick group I save seven seconds of my sock time just by going to hang with we can easily see the progress of commercial dot com progressive casualty insurance company affiliates not available in all states looking for some great.

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