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Germany the bowens you know spiking hossa but walked selling off i'm not sacks and he print two point three on the inflation will get the the headline number out of the nation a little bit later on but the original i was coming through quite interesting insight me that was the story the sacks in its us any it's trading to spot three seven on the field at the turkish illiterate being on the move this morning none of the way be with both i see being strengthening three spot thank throwing is what we're trying to this morning that's dollar took if never brentz down by round for tense oh one percent searching say what's been going on that is beyond i mean i was a little bit about fixed in town david son headed all of your opinion fixed income i franklin templeton he joins a stamina london steve yeah good morning team if you're morning let's talk a bit about what is happening with people and away teams spread so that's from vs germany politics over the weekend it's fitting that we have i mean very up remaining so he was posse now and this and that can that between all the others how much why does that guy well i think that what's happening in the french on oh eighteen vs boom spread does that before string of price in the nl pennant could actually when the selection i think that if you look at the polls but still seems unlikely but i think it's very different what we had in the pucks at last year or in the trump election for people giving note credence at the outsider to win i think that that's why the when teaser spreading out just because it's unknown nobody knows for sure i think that will percent opportunity for investors and as we get closer and closer to the final election so do you think that um what we're saying it as far as developments in germany in france is not a concern notion years much of a concern is maybe a market surprising an well i think markets are you know that but their traveling quite quickly from i'm small bits of data and i think that overall your episode growing quite slowly i think inflation is still relatively new to intercept you know we saw the couple of france.

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