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Is now embarking embarking on a second career producing ultra premium. Whisky through bell. Four spirits Sir as a connoisseur of booze. It's every hockey writers. You know lifeblood. Congratulations on this new GIG. Yeah thank you very much. It's it's been five years in the making Son and I started this and My daughter's now involved so it's a own family business and we we enjoy doing together and a lot of fun with it. Always fascinated and guys second careers. And how they they transition into them just tells a little bit. I mean this is part business business. You know part A.. Understand real estate. You've got a place in Kentucky part distilling. How did did you prepare for this? Did you take classes. What was that transition like swine in my career around two thousand nine and I was trying to find something that a could? Do you know to replace the the awesome feelings you get from being you know Part of so many great teams championships in the NHL and Team Canada's and stuff like that and that's very difficult to replace you know twenty years of of a lot of fun and excitement and Go my son. Also a goal finished his career Somewhere around two thousand twelve thirteen and We just started looking into this stuff that we could possibly do together and we looked at The alcohol business and you know look at the trends that were going on in the business and how well so You know in Brown spirits were doing and the vodka market was pretty Entrenched with a lot the new brands and and it seemed like you know Brown spirits was more at the beginning of the trend. And we find whiskey A lot more exciting and more creative anyway so we started looking into learning as much as we could about the business and Actually you watch the show called Moon shiners. That was pretty funny to watch but at the same time like well. You know these guys can make whisky route we I'm sure we can figure out how to do it. which was pretty funny but We went to distilling university in Canada Colona BC we were. They're learning as much as we could. And then we end up going to moonshine. University in Louisville Kentucky met a lot of great people Come out of that school and a lot about the street We ended up hiring few of the people that we met At the school and they've helped helped us tremendously Creating brand and You know everything that I get involved with. I WanNa do it first class and do it from the bottom up and treated the same way. I treated my career and You know we wanted to create the most excellent whiskey that we could make and being an ultra premium class. You know we. We learned everything from Hotter Mash and distilled ourselves to all the woods. Selection all the barrels You know that's what creates these unique make flavors of Belfour spirits and we think that if you go the extra mile like I did in my career that we should have some success. I feel really bad for going to the University of Maryland now that I knew that moonshine university was available to me Patty. There's been a lot made about the changing habits of NHL players. There's recently saw a story about how a lot of these dudes are drinking wine on the road because it's not as taxing on the body. is they like spirits beer. Now back in your day rock and roll the Blackhawks and the stars. What what what was the drinking culture like for you guys away from the rank all it was a little bit of everything Going up in Canada You know we started drinking beer and whisky when we are twelve or thirteen years old so that was pretty normal for us to drink beer You know all throughout my career was a beer and whisky and a little bit of wine once in a while special dinners so You know we We basically were beer and whisky guys over it. You know I wouldn't be surprised if You know nowadays all days. They're taught that You know maybe one is a little bit more healthy for you. But I'm not so sure that's the case. I think it has a lot to do with how much sugars the product to be honest with you right as we talk about times changing one of the biggest buzzwords these days in the NHL is on sports arts is load management and in hockey really. Just talk about it with goalies and I'm curious when your visa your first ninety one use played seventy four games. Did you feel like goalie workload. Management is a long time coming or is it kind of be as if a guy can handle that workload. Just give it to all well. I feel that it's the guy can handle the workload. Can you give it to them because you want your number one guy in the net as much as possible. The coach has confidence in them. The players have confidence in them in mcelroy and the players get used to plan a certain way for a guy and they have confidence in that guy. The defense play a certain way like they know they can take more chances before they can take more chances chances when they have confidence in their goalie when they have a goalie back there that you know plays every once in a while and you know he's not quite used to how the defense plays and they don't always have that same confidence in that guy. So that's why you know over the years you've seen teams where they try to split goals and you know sometimes that works sometimes. It doesn't but for the most part doesn't especially when you get to the playoffs like for a guy to play. You know every second game in the playoffs in Split Games. That's pretty tough and it's tough on the team I. It doesn't create that consistency businesses. So I'm a firm believer. You should have a number one guy and he can handle you know anywhere from you. Know fifty five to a sixty five games. It's probably a good number You know I played seventy four when I was a rookie that that was a lot of games I could handle it because I was in great shape You know always worked out. Took my on my off ice stuff real serious and you have to be able to do that. And and be in great shape to be able to play that many games in play at a high level and then had the energy to play. You know possibly possibly another twenty eight games and and In the playoffs you know So that's difficult thing I do see more for more work. Guys are playing less games and you talk about load management. Maybe that has something to do with you. Know the the schedule being maybe a little bit more. Condensed now You know they they. Don't give me days in between the season's shorter in fine period. So that could have something to to do it. I don't have all the answers. But I'm a firm believer in in one guy there. You go in the last twenty five five years. We've had six goalies get into the hall of Fame Grant Fear Patrick Wa yourself the dominator Rogie Vashon and Marty. The hall of fame has got a bias against goalies. Come on don't they vernon still out there. Cujo still out there. Six guys nineteen ninety-four Eddie. Well it's kind of like you know the trapezoid Rule they put in you know. I don't know what your that was but you know they talk about making the NHL you know more skilled game yet. They take away a skill from the goalies. You know that wasn't easy to do Back back in the nineties when guys like Martin Brodeur and myself You know there's a few guys could really play the puck well and and You know go get the puck in the corner earn play it up And and make an outlet pass and save your defense and from getting creamed boards. I mean that took a lot of energy and skill and and yet they take take take that skill away from goalies so you know again. It's a numbers game You know if it were a bunch of goalies running the League you know the the rules would be much different. I would imagine so the same thing I you know. I don't have any control over WHO's picking The the goal is to get inducted. Obviously but Maybe there there aren't too many the the goal is that are on the committee and You know we you kind of get overlooked once in a while you still follow the League pretty closely. I watch a few games here and there and I love the playoffs the playoffs. Oh my favorite time of year and I think the game in the playoffs is a lot more like the old style game you know. Let the guys play. There's a lot more ruffin awesome toughness and hitting a lot more excitement so I like the playoffs as I'm curious. What goalie today impresses you the most post game seven on the line like who do you want back there for you if you can't play so many there's a lot of seems seems to me? It spread out throughout the week. I don't really have one favorite because there's been guys if if have played like really good for short stints in the League right now but You know I think think there's some guys out there that You know has done a great job for quite some time like Jonathan quick to pick one guy. I think Johnson's had some injuries deal with For a while but Jonathan is definitely one of my favorites So I I'd probably go Johnson Clicks hard hard to say Andy where people pick up your Your stuff your your whiskey and your product man. Yeah so right now. We're doing owing mainly Chicago. We're at Few different liquor stores theirselves in Dallas Texas Were at goody goody for at seagulls were at a few different ones smaller ones but Majority were in Dallas. Were in Houston Boston and San Antonio and then Chicago. We plan on going to six new states every a year. You know. It's been an exciting time next year. We'll be in Canada. Also any thank you so much your time. I really appreciate it. We'll catch up with these him. The thanks so much for having me all right our thanks to Eddie Belfour you can pick up Eddie whiskey in Illinois and in Texas. I believe as well well where it's available and Eddie tells us that they're going to be adding ten states every year so emily in six years ears his whiskey will be available in sixty states. It's pretty amazing I just feel like an sat question. It's time time for our favorite segment of the week. Phil Kessel dogs now. He does not love to eat hot dogs. We look at the the end.

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