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Johnson and second than the side by side racing begins with Martin truly. Daniel Henrich working that inside line has got some drafting help down. They're not a ton. Maybe six cars working behind him. Including Brad, Pitt Lasky he wants rat. Right. There behind. Brad goes Kyle Busch. Meanwhile, topside it's William Byron. And Jimmy Johnson the strength in numbers is in that high lane. First side-by-side battle is for poor. Paul Menard upstairs, he goes against Daniel Hemmer county bottom of the racetrack. Henrik with help. From Brad Keselowski Hamrick has Lau ski two of five cars that are on the inside. Everybody will shift to the outside line. It's now a five car breakaway with William Byron continuing to pace the field Johnson in that second spot. Martin truly junior goes third then it's going to be Paul Menard. And Kevin Harvick that's where the inside. Life comes into play by Gail hemorrhage in the clash of the night. We solve outside line. Just drive away. Nothing on the bottom could ever get working. But I'm looking at right now. Brad keselowski. Cal bush. I'll tell you what they got some strong dues on the bottom this racetrack right now, if anybody can do it they can do it. So we just have to see what happens. I hope that bottom lane starts work, and we couldn't get it to work the other day, but it might work tonight front seven cars. Single file that battle is for side-by-side from eighth on back. Daniel Hamrick said inside line. He's still got four other cars behind him. But they still can't make any ground their way out numbered by the men in the outside lane. Ryan true X goes around in the outside lane. As does matter Benedetto. Here's Bubba Wallace. Pulling up alongside Daniel Hamrick inside the backslide. Well, only five cars now are trying to chip away at that inside line. That is not.

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