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Hello that very warm. Welcome continue the late edition here on monocle twenty four. It is thursday the sixth of may. I'm thomas lewis here in toronto and with us. Today are regular thursday gio monocle. Twenty four wisconsin commentary bella. He's in london. And monaco's new york correspondent henry reese sheridan henry carlotta great. Have you both with us on the program. Today henry quite a big week in new york this week argument that we now have a date for when the theaters on broadway will reopen if he snapped up tickets yet. I haven't thomas yet. Have you know. I have not given. I'm in toronto. Is a bit more for me than you. On the other hand you do have a far higher level of commitment to attending broadway shows. Historically so i wonder if that might have tipped in there typically other direction. No i have not argue. I haven't snapped up. And i've never actually been to a to a broadway show so i might actually go mainly for kind of anthropological research reasons when they when they reopen. And if so i will be reporting back to you. Please do and call letter. You've also while you have in fact snapped up some tickets for the reopening. The west end in london little bit tells me he s. I'm very happy to be ticket holder for Somewhere in june and beginning of july To go and see under milk wood at the national theatre some very much looking forward to dot. I've missed it here. Ns was such a weird experience. Salvi booking tickets online once decide like. I haven't done that in a while and second. You know. I got an hour used to go to the national theatre quite often and almost no more or less would then my a budget Where to pick a seat but then you go to book it and most of them are gone like not as in gone like being sold they physically have been removed because of course social distancing and not being able to be at full capacity but nonetheless. I'm very excited to Just watch some look great theater and actors doing what did you best. Do you excited about these pilots that have been taking place in the uk this week after the return of clipping. You think of your dancing shoes already. The pilots happened in liverpool. And i do not know why. There's not protests on the streets demanding the pilots here in london or at least in my own neighborhood avenue here in the uk this past weekend which was a bank holiday. We can so longer one Did a big live events slash club night while about five thousand. People in total attended all required to test beforehand But during the actual events there was no social distancing no masks it was back to business dancing closer people jumping singing sharing drinks. Everything that you want slash regret the next day when you go out and it was just marvelous to see the footage coming out of it and And just hearing people that attended. Just you know that's part of life and of living in cities and It's the pilot is see not only about obviously clubs which even last year there was. A relaxation of the rules. Never open but more importantly live events concerts a dj spying all of dots. It was a great trial out so far from what the data suggests so far has gone. Pretty well Of course he's gonna take at least. I think it's fourteen days to get the full results back. Have to know if people tested positive afterwards etcetera but it it was great to see the reports rolling all over the weekend and it wasn't just from you know the youth going to these events but you'd have you know virologists and health professionals journalists. They're having fun and attending the event so in the name of journalism. I'm putting my hand up to go to the next one. Please welcome up through ballots. Be seen on a dance floor near year very soon to henry. Great avi both with us on the program today. Us president joe biden yesterday gave his support to growing international calls to waive the patients of corona virus vaccines developed in the us in order to boost production process off vaccines and their availability to those parts of the world hardest hit by covid. Nineteen monaco's health and science correspondent. Dr chris smith had more for us on the story on today's edition of the briefing. What a lot of countries india south africa arguing is that expensive patents owned by the owners of the intellectual property behind these vaccines prevent on the ground local manufacturer vaccines and that could impede vaccine. Supply the flip side of this on the other hand of from the fomc sector but also independent impartial. Commentators is that really. The bottleneck isn't payton's it's just vaccine supply it's the ability to make vaccines because it's just a recipe book. It is the know how and the magic hands approach. That goes with making these things. That's really important too. So it's not everything. It's a step in the right direction in terms of mass production vaccines. But it's not the whole story. Dr chris smith speaking to us on the briefing a little earlier today Henry how significant would you say. Is the statement by president biden yesterday. And how is it. Being received in the united states. The potential impact of the policy he proposed is enormously significant and with open up production of toronto virus vaccines beyond the really handful of companies that have developed them and currently manufacture them and opened up to any other any number of other companies around the world to doing so in the us received differently. Depending on who you ask. Democrats who have been advocating for this and health public health advocates who've been advocating for this move for a long time bernie sanders and elizabeth warren or among them. They obviously welcomed the decision. They think that it's important. For the united states to projector projected moral leadership on the global stage by by not withholding the ability to to produce these vaccines which is now how how advocates of the of the policy view the us sanctions so far on the other hand is christmas mentioned. There are strong voices of opposition from within the. Us pharmaceutical industry now obvious motivation for them to oppose measure is that these companies don't want what they consider to be their intellectual property to.

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