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Know i i at least not god best of players making the most money possible it drives me crazy when guys making thirty million dollars complaining about planned basketball two days in a row i mean we did that influ commercial these guys don't even they never even go to the airport armed of a wish the obvious to sleep now pulled at five o'clock in the morning traveling three hours and playing a game at bay you got it and every plus you guys never charter we didn't start chartering collect my third year in the nba wow my first two years in the nba we all up will alter things do anything stores uh lanka comoros a private until the detroit pistons won the championship then like eighty eight eighty nine and they started to did this phase about why private then ever by the store chartering right i was like my fearful six year in the league actually so before data was sleeping in airports just like everybody else you know it was so crazy because you know every out every playing and leave the six or seven in the morning we'd be an airport buff 435 most time we'd be sleep in half the guy's laying on the floor and do it but my first year i was in coast the whole year humor and coach like man we have like we had the odds motors maurice cheeks andrew toney yeah uh bobby jones all those guys so if they did we roll coats.

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