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Save. Broadcasting. Rachel William Pete witty joining us about certain charitable things have price hill chili soon to make its move to Kenwood. But I sent you. Some video of the crocodile whisper that the man wants to see the Crockett crocodile whisper how we looking. Taking bets on him. I think he's going to go the way of Christly man who thought he had a inside track. Just loving caring relationship with the wild grizzly bears that he lived amongst until they decided, hey, there's a food storage. And this guy looks like a meal segman, you'd be plump. Yes. I would to be like a Meatball. You know what I'm saying? Have you seen the crocodile whisper? Now, I'm going to look at it now, though because Rachel's gonna show it to me on the blog this guy lays across the body Nile crocodiles swims with them, and he thinks they're in love with him. How do you do that the first time? I got this great idea. Well is there? No one in his life that he can lay next to. Well. That's there to say. Hey, man might not be the best idea. Speaking of that Pete witty give the segment a full report price L chilies building their new facility there next to graders on Ken road. What's the latest? Well, I my hope that they get the big tax incentive that I know there's Republican trustees out there and pick more count you like the how. But there's no doubt. It'll just be a second load location. They will not close down the flagship restaurant on Broadway in price hill. That's for sure. Now yet man wasn't. Oh, what's happening? Right today. We've got so Christmas it price hotel to benefit the elder food, and toy drives. So we're doing a happy hour from four to seven to go in the golden fleece lounge there at price so chilly. Absolutely. You've been there. And we're accepting monetary gifts as well. As brand new toys that we can distribute outer hands out food, boxes and toys to about two hundred and fifty families they Christmas they've been doing this for over forty years. This used to be something that we've probably delivered more in the over the Rhine West End area. But now we find ourselves delivering way more in the price hill areas. So it's very much closer to home for all the folks at outer and we'd love to have people swing through for this. Happy hour to casual gathering swing through drop a donation, and then have drank heavily county and then move onto your move on with your evening, four.

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