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Following from the comb over 24 7 News center, former President Barack Obama on the campaign trail for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Obama is in Philadelphia, warning young African American voters to resist cynicism about politics, arguing that voters cannot give up and that voting is cool and the right thing to do. And the markets once again in limbo as lawmakers and the Trump Administration try and reach a stimulus deal will have your full market report coming up, but still no deal from the White House and the House of Representatives, although we're told that negotiations so far have been positive. Purdue Pharma and the Justice Department reached an $8 billion settlement today, maybe sees Aaron Carter Ski has more. Purdue Pharma agreed to plead guilty to three felony charges that stem from its aggressive marketing of OxyContin and other painkillers blamed for aggravating the nation's opioid crisis. The wealthy Sackler family must pay $225 million but avoided criminal charges, at least for now. Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen called the settlement of positive development. Both the company and the shareholders. Are paying a very steep price for what occurred here. But several state attorneys general said the settlement failed to hold the Sackler is properly accountable for hundreds of thousands of opioid related deaths. Aaron Carter SKI ABC NEWS New York, The U. S Department of Justice is anti trust action against Google is all positive, according to the chief executive of a local tech company, almost Corwin Hate, explains. Peter Kern, chief executive of Seattle based Expedia says he is quote very pleased to see the federal government take action. Against Google. I think it's all positive. I hope it changes behavior at Google. The DOJ suit alleges. Google uses its size and ubiquity to engage in anticompetitive behavior. Speaking at the annual G choir summit, Expedia's Kern is not saying he believes Google has harmed his company. But he hopes the DOJ suit will help create a more level playing field. Which is all we want. We have no ax to grind against Google, except that we don't think the marketplaces equitable Google and a statement is calling the suit quote. Deeply flawed. Corwin Hey, Comeau news. We've all seen what appear to be personal cars plastered with business advertising. Some people are able.

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