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So go ahead right whenever I schools expression you will let me look real every intimidated by that and John Mary but paying off back to you in the mouth with media Murray that's good that's really good one second hold on I don't think anybody's going to be settled on No Way lines three or wanting to be that young dude that guy just at the bar hi what you try to jump you are to me he he is clean like a rabid Wolverine test test my but hold on well you get to I don't know I know he's going to do Darryl god you're the third contestant on the rhyme is right I also was right I think so all right they called me back right now if you can't punchlines like rock the user the guy you want to this is for the first I agree well congratulations dude whatever we have left in our price does you absolutely have a math thank you very much for listening to and participating in today's show cool absolutely hang on one second I don't know what you want you got something it's not that I don't know we have left this week giveaway for during John's clambake are we doing prizes are you sure hold if you're all caravan here there you know go figure weight on one person but yeah they're pretty much all even saying enough phone TV very important for this Joe he's been working on a very hard without giving you think too much away if you enjoyed the sauna that we did will be someone in the same vein so this could be something you want to see the bone online dot com we like to elevate content to a visual level some time and in this case goes about online dot com and see what we've put together I think you'll really be of brass the audio and video and this is gonna pay off what Drew works in a bone TV bonus into his next contract we're all gonna be right that is going to happen I like the all all gonna be restored to a like a I everything that's going on there but before we do that we have and it's okay it's not okay this one involves a really weird fort suspension for a racial slur but this story has such a weird racial twist to it that even though a guy used one of the fallacies of words I'm not so sure that it's the right thing to do to suspend him first saying it details next on it's okay it's not okay drop a lot I don't and one of another update buy Tampa General Hospital if you're traveling toward manatee county there's been a major accident along south on I seventy five between the I two seventy five merchant real one traffic stop and go past I two seventy five about Ellis accident northbound US nineteen at curlew road in eastern Hillsborough you may still find some photos from earlier right along the sound I pour fourty but no defense a road but that one should be pretty much out of the way the general was named one of America's best advice specialties by US news and World Report Tampa General Hospital other hospitals practice medicine we departed I'm Jim of the state budget the products that are twenty five hello all the from the my cal to.

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