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The easy button. Yeah that is a big red button. So he's got the disk and before the GARGOYLES can escape. The Colonel Hits that bigger button and shuts the blast doors. I guess what the bigger to buy a big red button middle like that makes no sense. No I got a big red button on the wall or something that you hit to like door shutting button right not a better phrase for it to her shutting it so the gargle off the rails the gargoyles off down a random hall. And that's never a good idea. That's like horror movies shit. The fuck. You're going yeah. They're making their get away. Get trapped in a weird cage thing above some subway tracks. Yeah that's what I was GonNa ask you. You been a New York Avenue. Yeah did you ride the subway? Yeah I mean I guess if you're in the train you can't look up but like I'd assume something like that would exist for maintenance. I've never noticed the size of a subway tunnel or tunnel. That seemed really big underground. Train STATION TUNNEL. That has been turned into science lab right. So maybe it's extra big extra roomy for the science. You need space for Science. Ciano the floating sidewalk practically like they were in and then Hudson being the bad ass. He is just like rips it open and jumps onto a train. Your he does not have time for this shit. No he does not they. They finally escape. The TRAIN GOES ABOVE GROUND. Hudson catches the an updraft and they take to the air crash land nearby and they're safe strong gargoyles he's carrying Bronx. It'd be Bronx's got eight hundred pound bombs. The opera is a hefty boy. Yeah that's two successes yes. We're two for two one. More to the airship okay. Wouldn't it be hilarious? If the broil succeeded Hudson succeeded and Goliath fucked it up and like didn't or broke his disc or something harder so back in the airship. The lead hat is freaking out. Because you know. They know that they've lost two thirds of the data and Lady mcharg oil. Here's this somehow and takes this opportunity to say wrong. You lost it all through that giant steel door. Okay do they have like bat hearing do you think are they like part bats that they can hear really really well. I mean they do have large ears. That seem like a thick door lady. Mma gargoyles opens up the door. Like WRONG BITCH. You lost all of it. Yeah and again. It doesn't surprise me that she of all people knows exactly what she's doing because she hold your but I guess just like waltzes up to it and it's like beep boop and there it is and doesn't mine and the jumpsuits here don't even bother like this is the biggest thing that I've ever encountered. And he picked up a dude so you know what fine. Take your desk what he knows. What a yeah. And then for reasons. I don't understand. Lee Mc Gargoyles after retrieving the diss punches. Down into the computer console thing pulls out some sort of lightning filled tube touches it to a wall and somehow starts a fire Liz. Yeah I don't think the creators of Gargoyles no in any way. How computers work more fires. That seems to be true. Liz Yes what the fuck are we supposed to believe is happening right now? I don't know why is that tube filled with lightning. Yeah I don't think that's how fireworks. What what the fuck did she pull out? Pull out lightning tube like in the nineties had supercomputers I had to have lightning in order to work okay. Regular computers used regularly supercomputers use Super Electra sedate. Lightning lightning God. So has she been on this airship because we said that she knew all about the disk and she know where to get it but she posed. How did she know which? Computer David with the lightning. And it's in that one got it know all about lightening fine. So now there's smoke there's fire. Yes and Goliath. Why the fuck did you do that? And she's because I hate people. Douglas and she's like. I don't time to talk about this shit right now. We've got a book because it's exactly where my notes say. This bitch is evil. She is she hates all. Humans hates except David. I don't like they have to be fucking right and we're going to get to that at the end but yeah absolutely goliath wants to help the humans. We can't just leave him here. He says she's like fuck. Yeah we can. Also how does he know what the end result is going to be? They are putting out the fire because what this one room so like. How does that result in the airship going down was? That's a fantastic question. One that like God wants spark is going to make this thing explode if it is like that. Maybe don't have a supercomputer. Because when they got to the airship last episode they were being pushed backwards by the engine exhaust fans but that's what they were. They were spinning engines. Yes as one single computer caught fire. And the Goddamn airship goes down in the river. There goes and of course detective Dream Boat just had to be there. She's Look Rut. Rose that is of the giants. Whatever the fuck it is I guess. Are they used to seeing this thing or is it like incognito like do they see this thing floating above? New York was. I didn't even think of that. But yeah like what she expecting like. Oh it's the Zeppelin that I see all the time right slowly crashing into the river and then yeah two gargoyles and then. She's sick Goliath Goliath. We're GONNA we need announcing already we. We're going to have some words sir. Who is lady with you? I was your lady what the FAA was this whole Zeppelin slowly crashing into everything Israeli. Just Gimme perplexed. I feel like we should take a print look hunky hero and a fantastic leading lady to be brought to life with lovenox indulge in radio drama filled to the. Brim with romance laughed. All those wonderfully become with a new relationship and don't forget those delicious sexy parts that make Romance Novels. Oso to enjoy season. One of eleven love is available now at calamity cast dot com or anywhere that you can find podcast and we are hello. We are at Castle. Live though I have the justice. Shut up David you suck and I have no idea what that reference to well he was probably talking and then you like. David doesn't need anything specific. So as the Gargoyles were one hundred percent successful in their mission of returning the disks Liz at the nine minute. Twenty one second mark. Did you see the size of this disc? Did you notice that? David is holding it in his hand and it is easily three times the size of his hand. It is fucking gigantic. It's like the size of a record all of a sudden. I didn't look that big in the gargoyles hands because they're gargoyles. I think that it's just inconsistent. Animation changing scientists and then they do a wide shot radio disc close up giant. Maybe he was trying to emphasize the importance of this disc by making it bigger. Was I appreciate what you're trying to do here? You don't think they put thought into it but no. I think that it was just an animation mistake so obviously David's very happy to have his desk and he's just like okay. Thanks God I really don't like him fair so glide is talking to lady mcharg oil that he's got to go. He's got a hot date and he doesn't want to be late and she's like who the fuck are you talking about? You shouldn't trust any human. Yeah any of the except David. This kicks off a really interesting conversation. I WANNA listen and it's kind of long so just deal with aside from xanthos. We have no human friends nor should we humanity. Is Our enemy Goliath. I thought you learned that a Millennium Ago. Not Make War upon an entire world. Doesn't Santos prove that there are good humans as well as bad? Can you forgive the humans for what they did to our kind? The ones responsible for that have been dead for thousand years. Then there defendant shall pay. I will have blood blood. You said the centuries of changed me. They've changed you to become hard unforgiving. You're not as I remember.

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