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No more deaths and jeff boise's a postdoctoral research fellow at the school of geography and development at the university of arizona and we're talking about the issue of immigrants coming across the border through rough terrain in the desert no more deaths at the organization that jeff in a leash our part of leave water out in in those remote areas for for migrants to access because the threeweek journey does not permit them to carry all the water that's needed to make it across and those water vessels are being are being vandalized as a leisure talked about in uh before he went to a break and we were talking about one of the organizers are one of the volunteers scott warren who was arrested in an alicia you metre before that you can't get to go too much into into the case because it is an ongoing case but a lisa or maybe even jeff ryan hearts because you're also volunteer with the organization can you can you at least describe what happened in two thousand five when to volunteers were arrested in two thousand for you want to are you going to do our job lisa um so in two thousand five to our volunteers daniel in sean zia um they were arrested for medically evacuating a person um to receive medical care emergency medical care um and us border patrol arrested at them and they were charged with um transporting um and charge ended up those charges were eventually dropped um after uh a multiyear um court case but yeah this isn't the first time that no more than i was volunteers have feeds felony charges um our organization a husband actually had 35 in um beagle charges brought against them legal charges have ended up going to court and they have ranged from st houston's of littering leaving food and water in the desert uh being seems to be uh a form of loitering two things that are much more serious like these felony charges that um but skies facing right now um different hard what is built bard um the bar is essentially the building without a police report where scott um was apprehended um it is a humanitarian aid state um for also because it's an open investigation um it's not something that i can talk about too much um but uh you.

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