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Spotify tune in Stitcher, or however, you listen to your slobber knocker audio and don't get believes that five star rating that we cut it so much that we embrace so much the foster ratings are you man or woman enough to leave me a star rating? We'll see. On today's show. I got far too. Jim cornet conversation. What you don't wanna miss cozy is uncensored, and and maybe I've prompted a little bit. Who knows great interview though, Joe cornet today for too and also gonna talk to impact wrestling's play by play man, my friend, Josh Mathews who I worked with WWE back in the day. So we'll talk about that. They have big event called homecoming on pay per view this Sunday that I will be watching on the fight app. FIT the fight app, which I encourage you to download as well. But right now, ladies and gentlemen, lack it or not. Here's what's on my mind. Man. I'll tell you just before he went on the air today to record this show. I got word that my dear friend, Jean Oakland passed away. Just a few hours ago as I record this at the age of seventy six, and I I took my breath. I couldn't really believe what I was hearing. I didn't wanna believe what I was hearing. I wanted to be able to fill up the phone and call oaks and asking what he thought about Monday's game between Alabama and Clemson. Are what did you have for dinner last night, which do New Year's Eve the last time I saw Jean was at wrestle Cade? In Winston Salem, North Carolina on thanksgiving weekend. Got their own Friday. Gene was already in the bar setting down he'd been little unsteady. You know, he told me his heaven hard time maintaining balance he's getting fatigued or easier. But forgot that I think to transplant procedures done and being seventy six years old and working like a Trojan. You know, I can so much dentist. I with gene Oakland's life, especially. The latter stages of his life. We both were overachievers. And he had this unique skill that will never be matched because he had instincts. He had practical product knowledge. He learned in the territory system, the the inner workings wrestling, creative and how to enhance stars with what he's by what he said. So gene was a special special talent. And God Omani what we all of us broadcast wouldn't give for his types. Nobody sounded more great baritone clear resonant voice, gene, Oakland. So we had a couple of cocktails maybe three. And then we adjourned he was going to his room to watch the Oklahoma West Virginia game as was I my room. And then I saw him the next day at the Russell Kate event. And that was it. I left that afternoon. Five home. I never saw again. Tomorrow's are never guaranteed. Notre words ever spoken. Jane got to WWE in nineteen Ninety-three wash one of the handful of people. That accepted me even though Vince hired me and that went along way. Obviously there are people in various departments that did not cover it. My friendship. That did not include gene, Oakland are Bobby Heenan Parrella monsoon. They were my guardian angels. I grew in a very press..

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