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If all that, I would want to sit and talk to you. Would you listen Matthew mcconaughey and can one that? You did. Doc. Do we just watch or something like almost ten hold of that happen we watched the dock recently. Remember Oh. Oh, it was Lance Armstrong it was Lance Armstrong because he was too young to compete in these triathlons and so his parents just you're eighteen, you're eighteen, and so they started off with a little bit of a Feb and he fucking one those triathlon. Did. Okay. So all right. That's informative. Right. Oh, my God. Yeah that's exactly what it was. Mom was shooting a substitute teacher. She tried to become the substitute teach for my. She also taught me in kindergarten, but she was the teacher that mind you. We're this we're sort of in chapter outlaw logic. We're like very teach real disciplined if you've got to do this and you'd better than this you better be honest better than cheat lie. But Damn, and I have Mama's a substitute teacher. I come home she's like. Here's the answer to that testimony. It's it's a stupid it's stupid subject. Don't read that, but she come in and tell me shut that quit studying years. Stupid subject and you don't need to spend your time on it just take the. One hundred. was. said it'd be like, oh it's harder because my mom. I don't know why they're making study. Don't you just shut that book go sit here's the interesting and. Also. You know kindergarten like. Studying trains and she was like, what are we looking at these damn books reading about it everybody come on loaded up a bus drove a bus Amtrak put all the kids on an Amtrak. took it to curve like didn't even ask the principal nobody. Landed back like eight PM. Local news is there the parents are there? Where'd you take our kids? It's like what? No no teachers assistant nothing wrangled by twenty something kids and just took them on what she's like..

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