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All right, so the Bears are in the postseason. They're taking on the saints. It's the middle game. The 3 40 game, isn't it kind of That's the right word like given Saturday. Alvin Kamara is not playing it. It's Sunday, one of premier players in all of football is going to get that stage. Yes, he's eligible because of the cove it protocol conspiracy theory number one now until the NFL do you want Come our up tomorrow playing? Yeah, Of course. Who knows? If you're embarrassed? You're hoping that game's on Saturday and that Michael Thomas is ineligible to come off injured reserve as well. That's not going to be the case, either. I don't think it looks like they're gonna have Thomas and tomorrow, the play so uphill battle we know that. I mean, this is reality there. Yeah, it's gonna be like, Yeah. You're going to the dome. Now you're going to the dome in an empty dome, right? Yeah, we Oh, are they having do they? Do they have a few people there these days? Still, it's not like it would be normally. That's for sure. If there are people in there, they're sparse there. There's you know, there's sparsely Located. I don't know the right. Correct way. There's only a few. I don't think there's many so a Brad Biggs wrote today and Broad just isn't a rumor monger where he throws in the Tribune He's been covering the Bears beat the NFL. Years where he throws stuff against the wall. If it's not possible that happen. He's got a lot of good connections, and he wrote today in his trip article that there is a lot of talk around the National Football League. So look for Mike. Or is it poor? Ganzi? Is that how you say his last name? I don't know. From the Kansas City Chiefs who who's been with the chief's front office for years to maybe come to the Bears is this one of the is this of dollars coup? It's the cool Is this what you were talking about? For so many months? Adam like where the coaches is stays where he is, and maybe there's a change in terms of the personnel decision maker. Well, I mean, there was a reporter NFL network yesterday that met Maggie is going to stay on. If he brings over someone he's familiar with in the Chiefs to head up the personnel department and be the general manager. And if you know, Ryan Pace gets an office job he gets a pay bump was weakened by more hair gel, Whatever right and control and contribute more new wings to Hal. Asshole. Yeah, that's fine. You want to do that? That's fine. Now. I would be concerned. As I said to Ah, bottle during the break. We were coming back because there's news that Elway is taking elevator roll with the team that maybe you move Ryan Pace. Up Tonto president and then Ted Phillips, you know, steps away. But Ryan paces messed the cap up really badly with my water boiling all. Yeah, Okay. But doesn't that translate to messing the capital while I'm with you paid the wrong players like you paid players that haven't performed. I certainly know that Sylvie is not in favor of dumping him off. Is this a coup? Well, wasn't many cool. Maybe it's a small cool with many. This is as much as you can get it. If Ryan Pace isn't doing your day to day personnel stuff, and he's now your president instead of Ted Phillips Yeah, like it's it's the old. Hey, Kenny Williams were bumping you up, but Rick Hahn is going to be running the team. Do you know what I mean? It's like a promotion demotion. I know what I would want is to bring two new guys in. I would like pace out. I would like Ted Phillips moved over to retire, and I would want a football guy to be the president and him bring his own general manager in this economy. Yeah, they've got money. Don't tell Tom Ricketts that but he's gotta to listen as I think we would all get on the same page here. The likelihood that there is any significant change is it's no You get to the postseason your eight Nate the likelihood of changes. It's really almost not exist. I don't think that's true feeling. The only thing I think that could be actually on the table or I'm saying, like Somewhat likely, I think it's less likely than likely, but somewhat likely is that yes, that they find something different for Ted to do and they had somebody else fill the role of president. Well, it starts at the top, then. I mean, that's not bad. Then if you're replacing president with a football guy and your general manager, even if he is retained, only has one year left on his deal like Ryan Pace, Dodds. Couldn't that be the start of significant dominoes through the next year could be the start of stuff. But it's not significant change for 2021. But I think if you bring in a football president and you change the structure of your organization That's a pre It's still. It's not everything I want, but it's still a pretty big move. Yeah, no, it is what it would tell you is it signals a change in philosophy? Would you change your defensive coordinator till Listen, I know that that's a really good question. Like I don't want to blame Chuck Pagano for Robert Quinn and Khalil Mack. Not getting to the quarterback more frequently. I just I mean, Like you may not like his philosophies. And there may be a change. But to me it always, you know, I mean, you gotta focus on the players. As much as you focus on anybody. And they're not getting enough out of the guys They're paying. I mean, Daddy Jackson had you haven't really good 2000 and 20 Carmen and your coworker about one interception from cow Fuller. I mean, it all starts up front, right When you're not pressuring the quarterback, it all trickles down Eddie Eddie Jackson's into the How Fuller's right there. The beneficiary of past rock. No question. It's the reason why in 2000 and 18. They took the football way better and more frequently than anybody, And that hasn't been the case more more frequent what they have this year. They have 24 34 sacks. Whatever their total was. I mean, it was not very impressive. I would also listen. I'm kind of wouldn't go too hard on Kyle Fuller just yet. I mean, most teams are gonna throw away from him. So his his interception opportunities they're going to be down. Especially when you start a rookie on the other side. I'm not down on him. And just telling you about notice. I'm or down on Eddie Jackson and well again like 35 sacks. This your total 35 35 o'clock..

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