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How many songs eight songs on there so you guys just sent wrote did you write purposely to write a record with her no it just happened but it happened like three or four years ago it happened around the time that i told you like miranda started hearing songs i was writing we wrote all those songs love triangle this four years old we like probably eighty percent of her record me and jimmy robbins in right away like in probably nine month period we just kinda had that there was like a season where we all just kind of clicked and and i think started to feel like an album to us then but we didn't know that it would be three or four years before she would get a real shot and and really gets put it out as and then we ended up coproducing it i don't know if you know that but i actually got to co produce the record which when was the last time female ever got to co produce anything so i'm super proud of a lot of things beyond radio success with that with that project for meat from my standpoint how did you guys become friends because i was on the voice with her the same year really yeah just what season was that season to that was early well yeah and so you're not a singer room you just said a minute ago left atl there's there are a lot of gaps in the story which you know which we've jumped around but like if you heard it all chronologically it would make sense but you know i had had a publishing deal for probably three or four or five years at that point was having any success and i kept getting feedback from like a an art labels and they'd pitched my songs they'd be like oh that's an ecole song that's cool song and i was getting to be a better singer because i was singing every day and i had gotten the bravery to do it you know and and i was recording and the like i got i was so late to the game all these girls grow up making demos in the studio when they're twelve and i was like learning like twenty three how to do this and so i was kinda like.

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