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And orange county upper 70s to mid '80s in the valleys in the eye e right now seventy two emission dna how it 73 in orange 73 in baldwin park and 72 in canoga park we lead local from kfi's 24hour newsroom i'm debra mark johny pitcher junko belgian shipu kfi am 640 while we're pretty certain that i will along and takes it could be days they're going to lay out the motive here binds steven paddock shooting rampage in las vegas from that swedish mainly baked if you wanna see is dead head where i mean we're warning you we do have a link to the national enquirer graphic photo of paddock dead inside the mentally base sweet sceptre apparently he did shoot himself somebody who works for one of the law enforcement agencies on the case in las vegas sold the photos to the national enquirer can you believe that and there's a sweet all over the pull the daily mail has it too but they have like they only show his legs lyonnaise rose head no national car would for the head and it's really really bloody gruesome as you'd expect if you battalions they are some sort of casino hostess the now think that's how they met the la times seekers obviously he was running in big sur somebody described him perfectly if you understand gambling he's the tail end of the big fish in other words are really really big high rollers had come to vegas he's guys are probably billionaires right and they spend but he's considered in in that group but he's at the tail end bright high roll here oh well the only time has this little vignette the workers behind the counter at the starbucks inside the version river casino in mosquito winced whatever steven paddock and his girlfriend mary lou dan lead wind up further usual beverages because paddock had a nasty habit of berated ganley in public it happened the what said esperanza mendoza supervisor of the starbucks the order was always the same he'd get a venting moshe cappuccino got what mocha i'll not both j i don't speak coffee i don't event team boca cappuccino and she got a medium caramel mucchio supervisor of the starbucks the order was always the same he'd get a venting moshe cappuccino and long got what a mocha eggs under the eyes daily was much shorter than patrick stood elbow high the.

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