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The runner is good. Benton had the letter go once she beat her to that spot. Our gets the inbounds one point Kentucky lead. They've got the ball. 65 seconds to go on overtime. Our Comes right to Edwards. Edwards drives puts up the shot, No good, but a foul is called on Carter from behind. They caught Edwards in a great spot is Carter was fronting her and Edwards had a lane to the basket. Carter had no choice but to Fowler. It stops the clock under a minute to go. Easily a call there. She lowered the arm right into the head of Edwards 59 seconds to go. Edwards. Free throw is good. 88 86, Kentucky. Yeah. Ryan Howard with a 30 piece. Today, 31 points to will her team in front and Edwards goes to for two. It's back to a three point Kentucky lead. 89 86 a time out. Asked for Kentucky. It'll be a 32nd time out. Cats and state both with one time out remaining possession. Arrow favors the Bulldogs on a held ball 58 seconds to go in overtime. Kentucky similar scenario as to the end of the fourth quarter, a three point lead. As Mississippi State go for the tie. Do they go for the quick too? Associate head coach. Nine butts right now, and that Kentucky.

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