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That he the. There is nothing more important to know about a president than the president's mental health. And this week Omarosa is the one who is giving us the clearest picture of the president's current mental state, not by anything she says in her book or in her interviews by what by by. But by what she is provoking the president himself to say what she is provoking the president to reveal about himself. Donald Trump is now an always has been throughout his life. The most damaging witness against Donald Trump, and Donald Trump is doing it again with roses publicity tour underway in which she switches sides from Trump defender, to Trump accuser, accusing the president of being racist. The president did everything he possibly could today to support the charge that he is a racist when he tweeted this at seven thirty one AM right after Omarosa played that tape on television of campaign operatives. Sharing her belief that Donald Trump did indeed use the n word. Now I'm gonna leave that tweet on the screen for you in the television audience to read. But I apologize to our listeners on Sirius XM radio at the moment because I'm not going to read this one allowed. It is just too disgusting and saying these words of Donald Trump would sicken me. Donald Trump's personal attacks on Twitter used to amuse me when they were aimed at me, I was the first person and television news that Donald Trump decided to attack on Twitter. When I started saying Donald Trump was not as rich as he claimed to be. He threatened to sue me on Twitter. Then I responded that he would never sue me because he couldn't afford it because he's not as rich as he says. He is that was in two thousand eleven. Donald Trump continued to attack me in two thousand eleven and for years after that because I was the first and for a very long time, the only person calling Donald Trump a liar because of his relentless lying about President Obama's birth certificate. I used Twitter to invite Donald Trump onto this program knowing that he would refuse because he would only do television interviews that he believed could he could control. And so our exchanges were limited to Twitter in December of two thousand eleven. He said that I was not long for TV, and he has a face made for radio in twenty twelve. He called me the dumbest political commentator on television said, I will soon be thrown. Off the air. He called me too stupid. The dumbest man on TV, a very dumb guy and a fool, but. He never called me a dog. Why didn't he go all the way with me? Why did he stop for far? Short of calling me an animal the dog foot did I do to deserve his mercy. For one thing I'm white. So we're, we seeing the outburst of a lifelong racist today who believes that substituting the word dog for the n..

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