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Yeah, but yeah, of course, pettifer, but who's the other guy? Yeah, who's the MJ rice? Yeah. MJ rice is probably the one that we're talking about. But they've got wings now. Like that's the beauty right now is, you know, to me, obviously when you bring it in, you know, some of these color can just play wherever you need them. If you need them to, yeah. He's awesome. I love mcculler. I think he's just such a winning basketball player. He is, I know that there was issues when he was at Texas tech in terms of headaches involving stuff that wasn't necessarily the basketball part of the situation. I don't know. I just know him on the court and I think he does all the right things and he does whatever you need and he's an intangible guy. He's a winner. He helped build that Texas tech program. So I take Kevin mcculler in a heartbeat, especially as my secondary ball handler. He's going to have point guards on that team where he doesn't have to be your primary guy. And you wonder how much he left Texas tech because of their offense, too. And wanting to have a little more freedom. Yep. I think, and I know that these guys don't technically count as winners because only one of them entered the draft and he was the transfer that came in. But I think the team that I'm most excited to see the season is going to be crate. I'm all in. Last year in the biggies tournament. I told you this, I shoved all my chips in the middle. I went all in. I was Phil hell youth in it. I was all in on Trey Alexander. I think he's going to be a complete stud next year. I think he's going to be a guy that we're talking about. On this very show, yeah, you know what if he came back? It might have been different, but you know, when you're a top 20 pick, you got to go. Ryan. Stud. I know you love that dude. Arthur kalama. Stud, right? He was really good down the stretch of the season. You throw the anchor in there with Ryan kelp Brenner and you got a guy like Baylor shearman who can knock down shots and kind of play off the ball and you have all of a sudden three guys that can initiate offense. All of whom can make shots. Surrounding by a 7 foot one dude that was baby the best defensive player in the big east last year. I know. No, they could be and they're just going to be so much fun to watch offensively. That's going to be the and McDermott coaching team offensively. The offense is, there's going to be so many times where I take those cell phone videos of my screen and I'm like, oh wow, look at this, look at this set that Greg McDermott's ran. How pretty was this? I'm excited because I haven't been to Omaha in a while..

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