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Device to be like you need to be managing your device in the cloud and then send it into our device and we'll manage from there. Yeah but if somebody's like. I want my home to be smarter. I mean and you're like oh but i. I like amazon voice assistant. Or i like google's home services offer ends. I mean this is somewhat limiting. Yeah i think that there is a large scale trend. Anything that is happening in a lot of technology now that is a collapsing that we might have. We might have been added point over the last year or so. Where the most things that are scattered were going to exist and both inside the iot community and social networks and streaming services that the next trend is all right. The business model has proven itself now. How many ways can these things work together. That's what the market pressure is here for. So i i think it would be nice if we could have a lot of ways that you didn't have to worry about how these things would connect with each other but i don't know for ready for that yet. Yeah all right. Tell us about the deep deep. Blue ocean sarah tom. I'm i'm ready to circuit. Boards fail at intense pressures such as in the deep deep ocean meaning that ocean exploring robots need lots of bulk to protect their circuitry. But we might be getting somewhere. A report in nature describes a team of chinese researchers operating the soft bodied robot in the deep ocean during a successful ten kilometer. Ride down into the mariana trench. If you're not familiar. It's about two hundred kilometers east of the mariana islands and also the deepest oceanic trench on earth. It's deep the researchers were also inspired by species of snails fish that appear to have adapted over time to being in deep water would schools that. Don't close off entirely in order to survive the immense pressure in such deep butter a soft bodied robot can mimic this flexibility by splitting up circuit boards among different locations in the soft.

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