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Point three fm welcome back to these sports border force guys for a saturday morning uh twelve degrees outside going up to a high of twenty two today we are seeing some snow up there it be careful on the roadways uh there is snow out there and some of these roads might be snow cover i know the plaza been out there this morning we have had some more snow this morning uh it should be tailing off the flurries later on this morning maybe another inch or two however there is more snow in the forecast tonight another couple more inches may be one two three two two four tonight i feel like this is an ongoing snowmageddon can which they currently groundhog day len wake up every day into same thing snow on your vehicle preliminary way to look at it and that rodents really get into what's isn't it from last week when he said he saw shuttle six we'll we can only give me five minutes with the road it i'll take care of i'll tell you what you defied later it's less what's secutiry we eleven though what i saw take up the woodstock after the show we'll talk the woodstock willie out thing adds the rain and rebelling of grabbing by the neck never few world war ii or woodstove willie got to find a first he's hibernated somehow won't funding looked quite look big i got shovels the back at a trump you though never lasso has got to be buried back account i want your my sorry herrero what you should they will brutal the give that i need a might be lessening of the record hey guys let's talk a little soccer we can uh preseason trip number one for the.

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