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And I was guilty of that I was a maniac when I was a teenager look back of my teenage years. And if Mike Girls had done that would have driven me crazy. I It just is a scary thing that you don't understand is a teenager. Sometimes the dangers you put yourself in. So we do all these things to protect our kids, and then we give him a smartphone. Or we give him a tablet. And then we turned put on WiFi in the house and turning loose and, ah, a couple of stories that were told to me about this. This U. S marshal story is about Operation Safety net. They found 25 missing kids in Ohio in just the first two weeks. They're making progress and the U. S. Marshal Service. That's what they do if you are wanted, and you find out that the Marshall Service is looking for you just turn yourself in because it's over for you. It is. They are the bloodhounds of the federal government. They are going to find you and they're finding these missing kids, which is such a great thing. Very quickly. A couple of stories on DH there not comfortable stories these air uncomfortable stories, but they're really Ah. Ah young, high School Age kids young, high school age kid. Well under 16. I was talking to someone online. And befriended someone online and was convinced to send this man Naked pictures of himself. And then this person begin to threaten him and tell him that if he didn't go and meet a friend of his And do what the friend wanted him to do. And I don't have to go in any detail there that if he didn't do that, that he was going to take those pictures, send them to his teachers and the principals at school and to his parents. Trying to extort this kid into meeting someone. An adult. For sex. This is just an average kid. Now you say that's not an average kid. Oh, it's an average kid. That is more common than any of you will know. This kid had the wherewithal to go to his parents and tell his parents what he had done. And had he not done that. It turned out that the friend wasn't the friend at all. It was the guy he was talking with, and they were able to arrest this guy and they were able to go from, you know, and take this guy into custody. But how many people did he pray upon Before that? I guarantee it wasn't the first time they had done something like this. No. And I've learned so much about social media that you know you. Why do your kids have 1800 friends on Facebook or whatever platforms they use, and that your kids don't have to be looking for trouble. That trouble is looking for your kids. You get into a fight with your teenager. Your teenager leaves the house or takes off. Go stay with a friend. And they find themselves in a situation that's unimaginable to them, and they can't get out. That is an overwhelming story about what happens to young people in this world. And the reason why I brought it up over the last couple of days is because there've been stories about it. I've encouraged people to do the sex offender registry thing, and it's a scary thing to do. But if you want to do it, I'm telling you, it will open your eyes like you can't imagine you could just go to any search engine that used Google or otherwise and just type in sex offender registry. And any one of those pages. They're free. Normally, you can put your zip code in there. And when you put your zip code, and it will tell you and it will show you on a map. How many registered sex offenders.

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