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She has A. The Sun goes down he goes to. And she entered the World Anti. The Edge. There is something strange. Land. Animals. Ritchie doesn't understand. But if you help out, we know we can be done. Will Be. Fun. A. Area. Last night. Their friends what is it? For the alphabet. League Summer, Baby. Dance. Hey be you see the next one is e is for Alabama. and. Family. A family Jeez. Hey Most House. After she has the alphabet is really great i. act. act. Joan. John. Jump. Count. I J. K L we use that as dues. For a mountain. The mountain and for a night nineteen, nine nine. Was All. Of Always, say please. Be Very. I'll be feel we'll. Ball Rondo Garay. says. Dot. Tie. His for. Fee. Spur. Has Blah. Blah Blah. Blah. Ledge. S. T.. You Sing the alphabet with me. For. Wind. Will Win at. The end of. Why Russia's Wise that's all ladders..

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