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Senator Rand Paul. Just a few minutes ago, he outlined real fax proven things. It was wrong. But this election exactly right eggs. And so we knew the mail in scenario was going to be a disaster. It's hard for me to believe that it was ever even a reality. This male incident. Yes, yes. Absence, devoting a very good place for that very important thing that we have for those that just either another country or can't get to the pole, But But the whole Mayland thing. How could that be accurate? How could that go? Well, that is not set up. There's no way you can set that up. For that to be dead travel, legitimate result legitimately accurate results. There's no way to set that up. Well, listen, we finally have ah, least one New City Council member here in Austin following last night's runoff races on the results are in from yesterday's runoff election for the Austin City Council. McKinsey Kelly won over Jimmy Flanagan. He chaired the Public Safety Committee. That's a big deal because you know, he's one of the big pushers. But you know for de funding police canceling some police cadet classes, things like that. And I think the community said, You know what? Jimmy, You went too far. You've gone too far left Jimmy. And they want to give McKinsey Kelly a real shot Now Alison Altar, she won reelection against Jennifer Virgin. But it was a tight one. Even if she didn't She didn't win, you know, handedly. The way that Mackenzie Kelly, did We get a full report here from CBS Austin reporter mentally barged in here it is Jimmy planing and only got 48% of the vote. Mackenzie Kelly came out on top with 52%. It's your tin Alison Altar was seeing convent. She secured her seat yet again with 51% of the vote. Her opponent, Jennifer Verden, got 49%. So both of these very close races, But the major takeaway tonight is that Jimmy plan again will no longer be on City Council. He had a very contentious race with McKinsey, Kelly. He represented that seat since 2016. And tonight, Flanagan hosted a watch party and just a few minutes ago, he did concede to the race. Here's what he had to say. But it doesn't mean that any of this work ends and I am excited for the rest of my colleagues who I know. We'll continue this work and the future Council member who I, I hope Does her best. To represent this district with honor. And brings The the amazing and powerful voices. I have come to love and appreciate that are in this district and Alison Altar tonight, again securing her seat. She's been the incumbent. She's already served. One term on City Council shall go on to serve. Another one. But this was a close race. Yet again with her opponent, Jennifer averted got 49% of the vote. And again this had to go to a runoff. Election s O she Alison Altar will assume her role as City Council in a second term and will keep you guys updated on all the latest developments on Aaron Online Reporting live. Melanie Barton, CBS Austin News, All right, there you go. Love to get your reaction at 51283605. This is the beginning of big things. Really think this is the very beginning of a bitch? Big pushback because of Aziz. You pointed out because of Flanagan's support of the funding police because of the mayor, flat out, you know, showing what a hypocrite he is the past few weeks. We could go on and on and on the city government here. The city Council Mary have crossed the line. And this is the first sign of a pushback right here. I believe, And I think we're gonna see Maura and more positive results getting back to sanity. I think this is the first sign of getting back to some sanity. I appreciate your positivity on that front, but I have more doubts than you have positivity with this city. The voters of Austin, Texas, one bicycle lanes. The voters of Austin, Texas, want the green New deal? Voters of Austin, Texas, do not support this Police department. They see the homeless issue, but the voters of Austin, Texas,.

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