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May notice reduce speeds but his troops up to forty p note other see store for details and terms and conditions is that you left the is that man that i don't know who it is as okay that's her right all right so we're talking about those we lost and we were gonna breakdown television music is sports at all kinds of good stuff right after the news this is chicago's very own seven twenty wgn chicago and wgnradiocom if you're an amazon echo user just say play wgn radio onto an and it's real three here's roger better sham cloudy 29 at o'hare president trump splashed with the fbi saying its conduct really disgraceful and that its reputation in tatters will that change things for federal prosecutors and court more from build you gmc david jenny former good county prosecutor jerry solomon says things will change for federal prosecutors because jewellery's are going to remember what president trump had to say when they get back in the jury roman coveting those hey you know trump terrible i don't know how they're going to report unsellable had this to say about the timing of what the president had to say eight goal try i talked to a graduating class of the fbi i mean it's just from a lawyer standpoint it's crazy david jennings wgn noon of needs your held signing man they say is of cereal bank robber who sell the four branches since wednesday fbi agent geared croome says the threats he's directs at bank employees are over the top going into the bank making that demand for money threatening police shootings along the terrifying free point be experiencing knack suspects white male is twenty to thirty five four to five six wing a hundred forty nine hundred fifty pounds as a thousand dollar reward for information australian pries police have arrested a man they say was acting as an agent of the north korean government the sydney man has was accused rather of using an clifford communications to try to broker sales of weapons of mass destruction from north korea australia's federal police assistant commissioner neil gone says the fifty nine year old australian citizen generated tens of millions of dollars for pyongyang's government the latest paticipating discussions syle of missile components read from north korea to other entities abroad as another attempt to try and rice revenue for the government move korea we're learning about a topsecret offence program aimed at keeping an eye on the.

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