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Josh Reynolds, Cooper Cup, Detroit discussed on NFL Talking Heads


Maybe that I have on a couple a couple teams. I'm going through these scenarios as well in Josh Reynolds, only own in forty three percent of leagues playing Detroit. Great matchup. Six catches against Casey back game is going to probably be a blow out. It's just a matter of. I think the Rams are going to get up early is matter of who gets touchdowns. But I think Josh Reynolds as a pretty solid floor at this point with the loss of Cooper Cup. And if that game gets out of hand, maybe he gets more looks. I I don't know. I would probably lean towards Josh rounds over AJ green. I just wanna see what the offense looks like now that I don't want to Cincinnati season's over, but it's you know, pretty much over and they have a backup QB. So I wanna see how agent green looks. I'm definitely starting agent. Green over Josh Reynolds. I'm definitely pumping the brakes on Josh Reynolds. Just because he was he was there while Cooper Cup. Also, miss his other previous two games. And he didn't do anything of the sorts that you know, what he did last week do catch the catch two touchdowns against Green Bay gate. Well, yet three three catches. So I mean touchdowns are a lot more. Unpredictable. So if I'm just looking at targets and receptions when Cooper Cup was not there. They had the one game against KC that was a complete shootout third highest scoring game in NFL history. And obviously he was very involved. We can't count on Detroit because Detroit hasn't really put much pressure on any opposing offense to continue keep throwing so much. So we're Chicago came in last week and beat them. So without throwing the ball ton Chicago. So I I would be very hesitant on starting. Josh Reynolds over. You're. Might be right. You're probably selling me on age agreeing around. I might be taking a little too far with rounds rounds a lot for what he is to my team. He's like my last flex player. And that's what he probably should be. So yes, starting him over green is probably a little bit of a stretch. Okay. Well, I'm glad I got to real you back in there. And we never know what these quarterbacks, right? So it's one of those scenarios where I think again, I think you put the range of his start in good category. But Driscoll could latch onto him. We don't know he's young quarterback. And he could just force feed the ball to him. We don't know. And we don't know if you know having Chris Harris over there in Denver's going to have an impact as well. Overall, though, I think you did. Set a good range of where his start is someone else. I want to discuss. Well, why don't we just move or to the actual Josh Reynolds Rams Detroit game because there's someone in this game that I was telling you that I liked I am the owner of Melvin Gordon and have to find a new last flex position here. And I went to the waiver wires this might be a good pick up for some people. I think this week is Bruce Ellington, I mean, I went with the TJ Jones wrote I think maybe talked about him last week clearly to Jones is just not involved in. When you watch that game as bad as that Detroit. Chicago game was Bruce Elton is just far more involved. Even on some simple, you know jet sweeps and whatnot..

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