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Out huge welcome to all of our newest affiliates aunt listeners of courtesy of biz talk radio 's just nonstop tireless team getting us these new affiliates huge shot outs to all of our listeners especially 'capi tarver and mitchell meeks super fans listening in from super talk mississippi as we head towards i can't believe the words coming out of my mouth ninety stations coast to coast as we sit here in our flagship station here in philadelphia saving america's wallets one hour at a time sitting here coffee enhance tony says hello yes in tony it yet tony's gesturing to me here we're having a bit of a time here at the station because i've got my coffee enhanced but i cannot find my mug don't want anybody to panic i'm not panicking i wouldn't use the word 'panic because i've lost my mud once before i found that somebody was heating up soup in it it was in the fridge reiter it was waiting for me like a little long laws puppy had the mud back cannot find my ebook i'm using a different mode today hoping that doesn't throw off the show feels like a good muck and it certainly good coffee sold take it from there and yes tony says low as we tackle today's trendy topics if you're not drinking coffee at the moment that's okay i'll do enough for both of us because that's just the type of team player i am so we're wrapping up december guys raise your hand if you cannot freaking believe it's december the you're absolutely flew by in so many different ways the kids are growing a mile a minute house vince fabulous families fabulous job is fabulous but my lord is that assigned i'm getting old sitting here in my 40s and what he's i can't believe as the yearlong yeah or it's maybe i am but you know what it's time to start thinking about 2018 and this past year lovemore hate him and they are very few people in between is is trump has had an incredible impact on people's finances this past year you can ignore it you can delve into it you can embrace it you can act upon it but the fact of the matter is 2018 is already shoring up the numbers are telling us it is going to be a spectacular phenomenal incredible freaky amazing great year for your finances wherever you are with.

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