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Of the differences that you'll see between billboards urine lists and lists that you'll see out the top two dozen nineteen which show. Nielsen music's top songs artists albums of two thousand eighteen because that's actually the sort of the full calendar year 'cause they're being I'll stodgy and following like the actual, you know. Yeah. So if you enjoy it all of those story, if you enjoy all those stories that I that I wrote or kind of edited for our year end charts. Tune in at the top January when you'll see more from me about the Nielsen calendar year, you know, 'cause it just never ends. So following a very male-dominated 2017 where not a single woman ranked the year end top ten overall artists lists for the first time since nineteen eighty four. Four. Yeah. And that was ridiculous. I did research year ago. And I'm like couldn't believe it while it was different this year. Three women are among twenty eight teens top ten we have Taylor swift at number four Cardi B at number five and communiqu bail at number ten front of the podcast commingle tobacco. Yes. Now swift tops the year end billboard two hundred albums chart as well with reputation making her the first act to have the year's top album with three different releases. She previously did it in two thousand fifteen with nine hundred eighty nine and in two thousand nine with fearless. Now Adele has claimed the year end number one billboard two hundred album three times as well. But she did it with two albums. Yes. Twenty-five did it into dozen fifteen and then she did it twice with that album that you may have heard of Twenty-one in both two thousand eleven and two thousand twelve which means like she had the most popular album two years in a row, which is just nuts. Like, I think at the time when I wrote that I think the. Last album to have done it before her was thriller. That puts it in perspective. Yeah. I like that just sort of like, oh, that's how popular album was anytime. You're like dealy other person who's done. It is Michael Jackson. But you know, it's a big, you know, you're in like some weird other universes chart phenomenon and success. Elsewhere in the top ten on the billboard year. End billboard two hundred chart post Malone, actually has two albums in the top ten and that's the first time. An act has doubled up in the top ten on the year end list since two thousand ten and the first time a hip hop act has ever achieved the feat post Malone's two thousand eighteen released beer bonds and Bentley's ranks at number three on our year end list, while his enduring two thousand sixteen sets Stony said set number nine at Stony album just wouldn't go away wild so collaborative singles continued to grow popularity twenty eighteen as a record seven of the top ten year end alward how one hundred songs are team ups led by of course, the unstop. Double BB Wreksa in Florida, Georgia lions meant to be friend of the podcast BB, Rex indeed, I talked to say that every time we've mentioned someone now, I know people are probably tiring of it. No. I love it. Will it grows it grows we keep talking to people? And when we say collaborations, we mean songs that were you know, by artists who don't normally record together. So obviously BBN flirts Storch line don't normally record together. And you know, it's just sort of incredible to see, you know, how clever rations are so sort of the norm. It's just that's it's very accepted in very normal. And there was a time when that wasn't the norm. Yeah. Like you. You just I mean, it was I remember when it was like a big deal when like Mariah and boys to men got together for once we day, or when like Madonna and Britney did, you know me against the music, or it was just it was very unusual for collaborations like that to happen used to be an event and now clobber since are so normal. They're just not really events anymore, which I think. Kind of takes away some of the fun of like like what at this point would constitute like an event collaboration. Mike who would it have to be? Yeah. I actually I'm trying to find I'm furiously typing here. I I didn't I was stalling. So I'm like, what are you doing? Yeah. I did the interview with a Lantis Morissette's like when was this?.

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