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Time eleven nineteen mostly sunny right now. Beautiful fall day. It is forty seven degrees right now in the city of Boston. Good morning to you, teeny gown WBZ news. Thank you so much as always for joining us top stories now Columbia gas is announcing it has a the gas pipeline construction project and the Merrimack valley three weeks ahead of schedule. The company is now focused on in home repairs. President Trump says he is now considering strongly and executive order ending citizenship rights for so called anchor babies. These are children born on US soil, whose parents are non-citizens or illegal immigrants taking a look now. On Wall Street. The numbers are looking nice and green and very strong. The Dow is up one hundred and thirty points. The NASDAQ is picking up about seventeen and the S and P five hundred is gaining eleven points. We are learning more about what former patriot star Aaron Hernandez was doing in a final days before he killed himself. Imprison the globe is report. Hernandez was apparently smoking the dangerous drug K to in his last two days and wasn't in a right frame of mind. This according to another inmate, the globe also reports state investigators concealed this information in public records as well as from Hernandez's family and lawyers a department of corrections spokesman says the information was partially redacted from the public report on Hernandez death. So as not to compromise an investigation into drug activity inside a Sousa Bernas Correctional Center in Shirley. Search and rescue personnel are finding debris and human remains after the lion. Aircrash in Indonesia hundred and eighty nine people were on board when the plane fell into the sea thirteen minutes after takeoff. ABC's David curly has the word on possible. Mechanical issues linked to this plane, president of lion.

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