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To but but he was on their spirit we're going to be well it's good that is good to hear and one of the reasons you're going to be fined if indeed it does work out that way because of the precautions you took to get everyone out of there absolutely absolutely and we're glad to it'll be a lot of damage and it do you have a sense of when you're going to be able to get out there and see just how how great the damages and how much rebuilding is going to need to be done the rounded by a bunch of firefighters and police officers and a couple of military folks i can't keep indoors so they're going to be there we we've also got a weather guy abetted an ear and he's showing up all the bans on as soon as it opens up these guys are going to fly out of here so not only in the air but on the ground that it equipment prepositioned all over the county so we can clearly treat so it's going to be it is quite owed effort this afternoon most likely well mr cassese i know you have a big job ahead thanks for taking a little time with us this morning i want to move up because now to miami as we said earlier in the week ma'am expected to take a direct hit the storm did move west but miami still getting some real whipping winds and gio benitez is their jio hey there jordan we are really feeling does win i'm going to take the bell for a second but i gotta tell you really more and more and more that would have been feeling like the national weather service sent out an alert and take that up in highrises you're probably looking at one hundred mph winds now i've been looking around here because the big danger in downtown miami are all the building all the glass i've been looking around and i don't yet any sort of windows broken and that maybe because of the very very brick building home here after hurricane andrew back in 1992 this entire guideline was really the.

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