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This is John Baxter show Liz Peek a columnist at the Hill and she writes a Fox News and is often on Fox business. We're looking at a column Little asses published in Fox News focusing on the battle Ground states, chiefly Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa. Through the center, part of the country and lives you note. The polling is closing there. We could expect that a close election. However, the puzzle here is what is going to change in these next several weeks. For the Trump campaign. We're told repeatedly that Joe Biden leads by a dominant number nationally. So what do you see? Over these next weeks in the battleground states that will close the gap that now exists. What is it? 3.5%? That's what the averages battleground states. Well, One of the things that clearly has changed is the focus on crime and violence, and all the protests have looted and burned cities. And I think that there are whole with done jets in the last couple of days showing that into swing states and I'm I could be wrong. I think it was Wisconsin and Michigan. It could be Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. Over 65% of voters. All the sun think that is a very big problem that wasn't even on the agenda six months ago. This is something that really newly has arrived in the lap of voters. On, You know, I think you look at what happened in Kenosha. Kenosha is not Baltimore. It's not D C or New York thes or not. These are big cities that are known tohave. Problems. Kenosha is sort of every man's town big town to be sure on to see what the damage that was inflicted. On that community by rioters, by the way, Whole also indicated people now think these air rioters, not protesters. That's something that Joe Biden has not addressed, has not been willing to address except in the Vegas of terms and on Lee after being Literally prodded out of his basement. Uh and Donald Trump is pretty strong on that. I mean, all the police literally. Almost. Every police organization has now come out to endorse him and a lot for a lot of those unions. That's a very bold move. Oh, and an unusual move. But these cop attacks that took place took place over the weekend on the vilification of law enforcement. I got to tell you. I don't think that works in any community and Democrats have let this happen. So shame on them on. I think that is something that's moving the needle now, and I think it will continue to the strength for the Biden campaign was always in suburbia, so the question is raised. Does the matter of disorder in the city's touch suburbia. I don't have any way of demonstrating and other than to saying every time there's a delivery of ammo and all the gun stores, I'm told that it's sold out. That's one way of responding. Another thing is thie suburbs of Philadelphia, where I grew up. Montgomery County, the so called collar counties. They're anxious right now, about what they see in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. There was it was a disorder there. I'm wondering if that translates nationally or is it our these local matters? We can't tell this point. However, Joe Biden is surprisingly not responding. It. It's not hard to say that there's reason to doubt that anti fies spontaneous. That's not a hard thing to say He won't even talk about Antifa. It's odd. Well, and Jerry Nadler, you know, leading Democrat in the House, said Antifa was a myth. I don't know how they can be so dense about this. These videos that are online and pretty accessible and pretty widely viewed showing people attack it. Black people attacking quite people or And keep a people attacking cops or whatever that does not warm your heart. I mean, I can't really imagine many people are thinking that's a great thing. And by the way, probably the most. Upset. People are are in the black communities. It's their communities that air seeing these spikes and violence. There's a new poll out that shows the surprising level of support. For Donald Trump in the black community. I got to think this is part of it because Democrats aren't doing anything and it's in these Democrats had cities where the problem exists so I think that is something. Look, if you eat if we have Continued problems on that front, and Democrats and Joe Vine in particular, can't say anything about it for fear of offending the black young people that he's struggling to gain traction with, anyway. And the economy continues to improve. I think we're going to see these Poles go more and more in favor of Donald Trump. I don't think there's an issue. That Democrats have that is as important Yes, co bid Wass and certainly the conversations that Trump had with Bob Woodward in which he Himself a great, you know, basically said he was downplaying the severity of it. That was tremendous fodder for the Democrat. Ah ad campaigns and the campaign. But I don't think that's going to be as meaningful a month from now because that the incidents of Kobe it is definitely declining and the emergence of now to vaccines. That are really kind of almost ready to go Fighters announcement that they might be out in late October. That's really stunning, and it didn't get much traction because it's clearly very beneficial to President Trump. Who orchestrated this enormous push to get a vaccine. So you know Democrats Concezio. They doubt its efficacy or safety or whatever. I think they're going to look pretty stupid if they discourage people from taking a vaccine that could save lives, Liz Peak. Columnists at the hill writing at Fox News. I'm John Batch, Sir. This is the John bastard.

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