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And how the Steelers air in that no man's land type of territory where they're not awful. They're not Super Bowl worthy. You can make an argument that will make the playoffs. You could make an argument that they'll miss the playoffs Eileen more towards on the side right now that they will make the postseason. However, I have zero expectation. Other than that. You know if you kind of look at it right now. And I know they shouldn't be the case, especially when you pay a quarterback. The second most average annual value in the league. Isn't Dallas the same type of team? Aren't the Cowboys kind of a no man's land territory to the defense stinks. They're kind of like the opposite of the Steelers. The Steelers have a great defense. The Cowboys have a terrible defense. The Cowboys have what you think can be a very much so prolific passing offense. The Steelers offense the line is shaky. And you also have zero run game. Really. Dallas needs to have a trade with Pittsburgh at Dallas and Pittsburgh SWAT teams. That could be a Super Bowl team. Maybe that's the only way Jerry Jones will be able to win another Super Bowl ring. Hey, calls up the Steelers Kevin Colbert. Just need to trade my defense for your defense and Kevin Colbert would laugh him off the phone because the Cowboys defense stinks. And the Steelers defense is actually really good with T. J Watt. And you got Devin Bush and you got Minka Fitzpatrick? And you got Cam Heyward and so on and so on. That would actually be a great trade for the Cowboys. If they could do that. It would be instant upgrade. Take the staples, but it out, slap it. That was easy when I look at the Cowboys, though. The Cowboys are gonna be horrible. This year. The Cowboys aren't going to be great. And when you look at Dallas I personally am a fan of Dak Prescott. I think it's a good quarterback, and we'll see if we could become greater currently think he's a top 10 quarterback in the league. When I look at Dallas, though, what's the expectation this year? Sure you start off with one in the division are they lock to win the division? I can't call them a lot. Personally, I would go with them over Washington's football team. It would not surprise me, though. Washington's football team did win the division. And even if the Cowboys do win the division They're sealing is what Win a playoff game You can't go into this year. If you're a Cowboys fan thinking that you're Super Bowl team you can't go into this year for your Cowboys fan thinking that Really you guys could do anything more than just winning a playoff game. So the Steelers to May Are in that no man's land territory and also the Cowboys for this upcoming season. Give you a few more teams, and I'm going to kind of try to just associate also with some big name quarterbacks. How about Matt Ryan with the Falcons? So the Falcons right now have a new regime. Terry Fontinot. The Falcons right now also hired Arthur Smith. They were a team that used to be in the playoffs here after you have two year got two Super Bowl, then got to the playoffs that the year after that. You know they were building something and then the wheels really did fall off. The wheels started to fall off when they were 28 to 3 in the Super Bowl. The next year, they answer back back to the playoffs. They were in the divisional round, they had multiple chances. Ago when the game and they couldn't connect Matt Ryan to Julio Jones. And after that, it was just Arthur Blank. I'm gonna keep on running it back. I'm going to keep on running it back. I'm gonna be loyal out of fault. And then it crashed and burned. And it was awful at the Falcon state for they could pick Justin Fields. If Justin feels doesn't go through, and I don't think he will. They could pick Trey Lance at 42. They could trade the pick as we discussed and I think that's probably what they're going to do, or They could go well for keeping that Ryan Even though our defense is shaky. Let's try to expedite this process and get back to the playoffs ASAP. And if they want to do that, Go get Kyle pits. Does. Matt Ryan, still a good quarterback, Julio Jones went healthiest, still a great wide receiver. Calvin Ridley. Showed you he is a young emerging star. And if you could have Kyle Pitts, who from most draft experts project that Kyle Pitts is the best non quarterback in this draft. That's an offense. I'll be intrigued to see what the Falcons do. I don't know if they could stop anyone. It kind of is the same thing when you look at Dallas Alice, we know could score. Dallas can't stop anyone. The Falcons that they get Kyle pits even They don't get caliphates. We know they could score. There are some consistency problems there, though. Some inconsistencies. I just don't know if they'll be able to stop anyone. So I looked at the Falcons. I don't expect them to be picking in the top five again. Don't expect him to be a Super Bowl contender. I don't expect them to win their division. Maybe they have an outside chance of making the playoffs and think it's more likely no playoffs than playoffs, But they're kind of in. If it was still 16 games. You'd kind of say I could see them going eight and eight, maybe a best make the playoffs at nine and seven. You don't expect him to do any damage, though in the postseason. Let me get another team. You like that? You like that? Well, he looked like my analysis of that this team if you're a Vikings fan The Vikings are the typical Playoff team one year missed the playoffs the next Playoff team one year. Missed the playoffs. The next Good news, sir. Vikings fans. You missed the playoffs last year. I mean, a lot of changes going into the last season with the defense..

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