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To Cape Cod hospital with a leg injury where he died WBZ's Doug cope reports from the beach where it happened in wealthy people that nukem hollow beach say the victim was boogie boarding and that serve when he was attacked Kayla from Jamaica plain was among those who saw rescuers do their best to help him rushing over there to do what they could bring towels do CPR asking for anyone who is a doctor a nurse new CPR anything before the medics born here for a few minutes. It wasn't that long before they arrived. So well, you know, it's scary. And really sad really goes out for that family. Witnesses say people tied turn it gets around his legs which were severely injured, and he appeared to be in shock, great, white sharks. Have been cited up and down the coast here on the Cape. All summer long Wellesley, Doug, cope, WBZ NewsRadio. Ten thirty in a Bloomberg business minute is coming up next. Hey, everybody at Steve Lyons. Former big league player in baseball analyst. You know lately, I've been kicking myself for not trademarking the phrase. Hey, Steve nice lettuce because that's all I ever hear from people everywhere, I go, and why not these the final hair restoration has my hair looking better than it did twenty years ago, Dr highness and his team are amazing, and they'll have you in and out of your procedure in no time. All I did was sit back and watch a couple movies. Well, they work their magic. Hey, I know how you feel every morning I used to see more and more of my hair, waving goodbye, circled the drain in my shower if you have thinning hair or baldness, you have choices you can ignore it accept it or go where the pros go. So when it comes to your looks and your confidence don't wait and don't settle for less than the best..

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