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Jerry Walker by Jerry Jeff Walker yes. Mr bojangles will be son. And what does it feel? Is it Mr Bojangles Mr Bojangles okay? What she's her It's Mr. bojangles. Will then we've got to get that right because I don't want to come out here and have egg dripping for my chin. Every time I. I'm going to have to let me write this down. Don't ever say dripping for my Chin because Phil thinks of semen. Oh my God Margaret Jesus Christ Margolis but you're thinking. Now let's just get it out on the table. I don't you know I, am not. That's the most horrific thing that you could possibly say horrific. Then why do you make a point of going you? Do that is great. Yes. They do every time I say EG dripping from my chin. Then I pick up a towel. Yeah. Okay. Margaret, whatever you say are you telling me that I'm prompting you to are you saying that I'm forcing the left's I'm saying? That let's just drop it. I wouldn't advise you to drop it. Don't drop. I'm really shocked that you would I'm shocked you talk that way I'll give it a rest grandma Margaret you're the one that said was. Made an issue and so let's gang up. Here we go. Again, ladies. See It's right here in living colorful. Let's gang up on the girl. That's what they do on this program bar at everybody heard you lead all of us into that disgusting line when you said Egg dripping off your Chin. No I did not think of the word that you said you don't say it again. Oh, my God almost pulled his fist up. No, he didn't already plunder disfigure cabinet. You're just trying to start a big problem and today is bull jingle. I'm trying to start a big problem what he said today's the day. Sing bojangles. Don't you think Mr Bojangles it's Mr Bojangles. Mrs bojangles. Because, I can read. Okay Okay God. Phil I don't like being turned into the gibbering ape in the cage. You understand I've said this to you before I don't like wait a minute I don't like being turned into the gibbering leaping and swinging ape in the cage. You guys can sit there and look at you laughing I'm I'm giggling at what might have been taught Yeah Okay. I don't know I climate a bit every morning. Margaret Grey folks is with us today. And I'm going to sit hold on I'M GONNA sing to bojangles because this was requested by a great many people on fills a facebook fan page there at facebook dot com slash Phil Hendrie p. h., an S, and so without further ado but you do the certainly. Okay. When I say the honors No. Margaret. But he didn't have cute up not once again and don't make any cracks I know you're sitting there with egg dripping off the chin. You make it sound even more disgusting and vile and Margaret Let's just sing the Song I. Agree. Let's Cigna Song Oh so we can. Also defensive this morning, and it's like the way you all looked at me when I walked in we were we were looking at you waiting for you to sing everybody knows that this weekend everybody wanted to hear you sing Mr Bojangles and the what the reason was because of the passing of the Great Jerry Jeff Walker who was a iconic figure in the outlaw country scene in the nineteen seventies when might even argue the Jerry Jeff Walker was a founder he was like the perhaps seminal figure. In that movement. Wait you're talking about Waylon Jennings Willie Nelson? Waylon Jennings Willie Emmylou Harris Emmylou. Harris. Guy Clark. There were quite a few guy who the hell's Guy Clark. All right. Sorry. Did you remember the outlaws of the outlaw? Country Seeing Anyway Jerry Jeff Walker wrote it Margaret Gray. Will do the honors..

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