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Charles the third is now the proclaimed king of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in a historic ceremony this morning that was televised for the first time. King Charles gave a speech at Saint James palace in London and took an oath for the church of Scotland. He then signed a proclamation, officially naming him king. I shall strive to follow the inspiring example. I have been set in upholding constitutional government and to seek the peace harmony and prosperity of the peoples of these islands. Postage stamps with the image of the late Queen Elizabeth on them will still be good. That's according to the British mail service royal mail. Everyday stamps and special ones are included postage stamps have borne her image since 1967. King Charles will eventually have his image on stamps, but Buckingham Palace will be consulted before that happens. The mosquito fire in place or in El Dorado county near Sacramento in California made a significant run Thursday night, doubling in size to about 30,000 acres, Chris vestal is the public information officer for Cal fire. He says there is still 0% containment. That doesn't mean the progress towards containment isn't being made. We're still building containment line using bulldozers. Many homes have been destroyed crews are working to protect other homes and businesses by cutting dozer lines and removing shrubs and other dry brush. Several communities remain under evacuation orders. Vice president Kamala Harris says America's leadership in space must be preserved and enhanced, speaking at NASA in Houston Friday, Harris called it essential to U.S. national and economic security, she promoted the Artemis program, which will return American astronauts to the surface of the moon. She called space and undiscovered an unrealized opportunity. And there should be another significant increase in interest rates, that's what fed reserve governor Christopher Waller said during an overseas speech. I'm Brad Siegel. The interior department says it's completed removing the word squaw from nearly 650 place names on federal land. Michael castner has more. The department announced last November that it was moving to do away with the word, a term for indigenous women that many Native Americans find offensive. Interior secretary Deb haaland in a statement referred to it as one of the racist and derogatory names that have graced federal locations for far too long. Holland is a member of New Mexico's laguna Pueblo tribe and the first Native American to lead a cabinet department. I'm Michael kassner. Over 150 people were arrested in a weeklong human trafficking sting near Tampa, Florida, more from Steve summers. Sheriff Grady Judd says you might be shocked to find out that some of those arrested are teachers, correctional officers, Disney employs, even cops, and while some are from pole county, most come from other states and countries, also rounded up victims of human trafficking, prostitutes who will be offered services to help them straighten out their lives. Treat them as what they are victims. Operation fall haul two also led to drug busts. Sheriff Judd's got a message for human traffickers. If you come here and violate the law, we're going to put you in jail. I'm Steve summers. Leaves this fall might not be as colorful in the northeast experts say the summer drought could mute this season's fall foliage. Autumn colors could be patchy in some places and significantly shorter in others the season which typically peaks in October could be more spread out with more trees changing earlier or even browning and dropping leaves. Household wealth in the U.S. is down a record $6.1 trillion in the second quarter. That's the lowest of the year and a second consecutive quarterly decline. The Federal Reserve data points to a slumping stock market outweighing gains in real estate values that led to the fall. And you'll now be able to have a yellow cab through the Uber app in New York City because of a driver shortage and surge for Uber eats demands, the taxis

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